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    Discover the Kimberley

    Discover the Kimberley

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    Exploring an ancient land, 2000 million years in the making, is an awe-inspiring experience. The landscapes of the Kimberley are some of the oldest structures on earth. Spectacular gorges, river systems abundant with wildlife and exotic fauna, secluded ancient rock art sites, arid desert country, and pristine coastline are just a few of the unique experiences of this region.

    Home to indigenous people for over 30 000 years, it is a timeless land that will captivate you with its dramatic landscape and vibrant colours. Evidence of their earlier existence can be seen in the incredible and mysterious rock art paintings and drawings known as Bradshaw or Wandjina rock art hidden in outback bush galleries on huge escarpments and rock surfaces in the northern Kimberley.

    The Kimberley is home to rock formations thousands of millions of years old, some of the oldest on earth. Turbulent events, from volcanic eruptions to ice ages, have created the incredible ranges, gorges and caves that we can see and experience today. 120 million years ago dinosaurs roamed the Kimberley coast and today all that remains are fossilized footprints. Up to seven different species have been identified and can be found at Broome’s Gantheaume Point and James Prices Point on the Dampier Peninsula.

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