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    South Africa – Beware of the safari bug

    South Africa – Beware of the safari bug

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    There are many travel destinations in the world that will leave you feeling transformed, and Africa is one of them. Personal travel manager Anthony Lee whilst in Africa was bitten badly by the African safari bug – an affliction, which has no cure but can only be relieved through repeat visits to this amazing land. Anthony believes that if there is one destination in the world that is a must visit, it’s Africa. Here, Anthony recounts four reasons why South Africa tops his list of destinations to visit:

    Animal Encounters: There is nothing that compares to being within metres of lions, leopards and elephants in the wild: they are truly majestic creatures. The open 4WD vehicles that are predominantly used on safaris allow very close contact, sometimes only a couple of metres away, which can be both thrilling and nerve-racking. I had the privilege once to watch a lone lion stalk a buffalo, and as they ran into the scrub I could hear the buffalo bellowing. Buffalos are hardnosed foe for a lion though, and in this instance the lion came off second best.

    Friendly People: They call South Africa the “Rainbow Nation” due to the kaleidoscope of different cultures and ethnicities. At every turn I was met with great big smiles from the locals, who demonstrate a great sense of pride in their home country. The warm welcome started the moment I boarded my South African Airways flight out of Perth. Contrary to the safety issues that South Africa is purported to have, as a tourist I find it quite safe if you use your common sense: something that applies to most, if not all, travel destinations.

    Value for Money: Travelling to South Africa is great for all budgets. There are five-star safari lodges for upmarket travellers, or for the more budget conscious there are overland truck safaris where travellers pitch their own tents and can help with cooking. Flying to Johannesburg has never been cheaper. Southern African prices tend to be in the local currency, which makes it great value for those who are spending Australian dollars. East African prices tend to be displayed in US dollars, which tends to pull back on value.

    Diversity of Activities: There is so much to see and do. Activities can include wine tasting, safari game driving, shark cage diving, golfing, surfing, hiking, diving or simply hanging out people watching: South Africa has it all.

    If you are interested in planning a trip to South Africa or elsewhere in Africa, then personal travel manager Anthony Lee is here to help you plan your holiday of a lifetime. But be warned: talking about Africa gets him very excited as he loves organising trips to South Africa that he knows will blow his clients away.


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