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  • Two fewer Aussies stuck in South America

    We all know that gut feeling ya get, when you think things aren’t quite right. So of course I’m going to text my one and only travel lady. To get some idea of what was going on. (As South America wasn’t quite up with the whole world virus).

    Erin informed me that she was keeping a close eye on airlines and things were changing by the hour. By the time we got to Buenos Aires, we’d noticed a huge difference. eg, bus companies not working, tour spots shut. I’d woken early morning 15th, with a text from Erin informing us our tours had been cancelled. She had already found us the LAST 2 remaining seats, to escape. …. ‘what to do’, on our institutions, she HIT THE BUTTON and got us on the plane, next day.

    What a huge relief we had Erin on the look out for us and staying glued to her computer. Because, before we knew it, boulders were shutting around us, with NO warning, what so ever.

    We strongly believe if it wasn’t for Erin Ross being so amazing at her job, we would have been 2 extra Ossies stuck in South America.
    On our free time, before flying out, we went walk about. Taking notice of the massive line up at Air Argentina. Lines even worse at Air Canada. Video footage was taken, of the people trying to get out.

    We love you Erin
    Michelle & Nick

    Erin Ross is our personal travel manager based in Mount Cotton, QLD.