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    Brewery to Boutique Hotel

    The B2 Boutique Hotel and Spa in Zurich is houses in a building that used to be a brewery. Its staff will provide you with a warm welcome and share with you the history of the hotel in a way that brings the past alive and gives you an appreciation for its story.

    Albert Hürlimann established the Hürlimann brewery in 1836, and it remained within the one family for five generations, creating a legacy that owes much to their combined passion for beer. After 130 years of production, the brewery merged with another, the Feldschlösschen brewery, and has since been transformed. Now, it houses the largest Google office outside of the United States, a thermal bath and, as of 2012, the B2 Boutique Hotel and Spa.

    Image supplied courtesy of B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa

    Enroute to your room, you can still see where the beer was once brewed, with parts of the machines still intact, and even a bomb shelter that was used during World War II – even in wartime, someone had to make sure the beer was brewed!

    The hotel suites themselves have a design that is warm, wooden and open, complete with photograph on the walls that show how the rooms looked like before their redesign.

    Image supplied courtesy of B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa

    The mini-bar is stocked with complimentary wine, beer chips and Swiss chocolate so you can run yourself a bath and settle in to enjoy the ambience. Unusually, the bath isn’t located in the open plan bathroom downstairs, but instead on the upper level, next to the bed. At first this may seem a little odd, but after soaking away the exertions of the day with some bath salts, you can wrap up in a delightfully fluffy bathrobe and flop directly on to the bed – heaven!

    The Wine Library is everything an avid reader and writer dreams of and makes for a memorable setting for breakfast. There are walls of books, a sliding ladder and a buffet of locally sourced produce including a wide selection of divine cheeses. The books in the Wine Library came from a bookshop whose owner, on contemplating retired, hadn’t wanted to divide them up and sell them individually. Instead, he found a home for the entire collection at the B2 Hotel – about 33,000 in the Wine Library, and a few in each of the suites.

    Image supplied courtesy of B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa

    You could easily lose yourself for an entire day in the hotel’s Thermal Bath and Spa, treating yourself to one of their spa packages or simply enjoying the warm thermal waters of the rooftop infinity pool. You may wonder how it’s possible to spend two hours hopping between baths, but you’ll soon discover that it’s entirely feasible. Spa treatments include peeling massages, a rejuvenating experience that involves covering yourself in a clay mask from head to toe and sitting in a sauna, and even a milk massage. At the end of your spa day you’ll float back to your room, feeling like a changed person.

    It’s hard to define what’s most charming about the B2 Boutique Hotel and Spa – the library with its thousands of rescued books, the old photographs showing how the building was once used, the faint but pleasant aroma of the old brewing room, the Thermal Bath & Spa, or the attentive service provided by the staff? All these factors combine to deliver one of the most welcoming, unique and relaxing you’ll find in Zurich or anywhere else.

    Image supplied courtesy of B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa

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