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  • Domaine de Murtoli: ‘Unspoiled, wild, private and ecofriendly

    France, Corse du Sud – Domaine de Murtoli, la grotte

    Luxury on the Southern tip of Corsica

    Set on 6,000 acres in the south of Corsica between sawtooth mountain ridges and the foaming Mediterranean, Domaine de Murtoli offers an unparalleled experience. This hotel offers luxurious accommodation in opulently updated shepherds’ houses and landlord mansions built in the 17th century. From private pools to flamboyant fireplaces, the most divine of stays awaits behind rustic wrought iron gates.

    As for the dining environment, there’s a choice between the beach and its La Table de la Plage, built entirely of driftwood offering the best of the Mediterranean, or La Table de la Ferme, a one Michelin-star restaurant highlighting the seasonal products from the farm and local producers. Even more special is La Table de la Grotte, a natural cave with terraces from where dinners overlook the incredible Corsican views.

    France, Corse du Sud – Domaine de Murtoli, la crique

    Ingredients are so local some are virtually on your doorstep whether it be from the working farm or from the sea and the Corsican terroir of the local area. There are fruits and vegetables from the orchard and gardens, olive oil from the mill, the cheeses from the ewes, the honey from the hives, fish and sea urchins caught early in the morning, and herbs freshly picked from the Corsican maquis.

    The Domaine de Murtoli offers incredible leisure including fishing in our private boat, or in the river for trout, horse riding, a summer spa, the private beach, or a game on the private 12-hole golf course designed by Kyle Phillips.

    France, Corse du Sud – Domaine de Murtoli, bergerie Arba Barona

    The hotel in summary

    Style of hotel: A five-star hotel dotted across a private estate of 6,000 acres and 8 kms of coastline

    This consists of a boutique hotel, shepherds houses and private villas.

    Location: On the southwest coast of Corsica – a 25-minute drive from Figari’s airport and 90 minutes from Ajaccio’s airport.

    Rooms: 20 individual shepherd’s houses and private villas with pools, dotted around the estate. There is also Hotel de la Ferme on the estate that has nine simple and luxuriously decorated rooms and suites.

    Swimming: Most of the dwellings have their own private pools and the boutique hotel has its own private pool too. There is also a private beach to be enjoyed by all guests.

    Dining: Delicious Corsican cuisine – dine in your villa, on the beach at La Table de la Plage, or in the Michelin starred restaurant, La Table de la Ferme, or in a natural cave with a terrace boasting beautiful views at La Table de la Grotte.

    France, Corse du Sud – Domaine de Murtoli, La Ferme, restaurant La Ferme

    Children: Absolutely.

    Activities: Wine tasting or a Corsican cooking lesson, learn about farm life, play golf on the 12-hole golf course, partake in Pilates or yoga, go kayaking or paddle-boarding, explore the estate by bike, foot, or horseback, try fresh river or sea fishing and visit the local Archaeological sites.

    Spa: During the summer season there is a spa by the beach.

    Signature musts: A candle-lit Corsican dinner in the cave restaurant, discovering the local natural fragrances, relaxing in the spa with a Turkish bath.

    A LICCIA room interior Murtoli @ Philippe Millereau

    Open From: April – January

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