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    Earth Day was designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the incredible planet we live on, with the first Earth Day celebrated on April 22nd, 1970. Over the last 49 years, Earth Day has expanded from the original 20 million Americans to more than one billion people participating in Earth Day activities worldwide. In celebration of our wonderful planet and all who call it home, here are our top five eco-friendly hotels across the world.

    Image courtesy of Song Saa Private Island

    1. Ariara Resort, Philippines

    Image courtesy of Ariara Island

    It’s said that ‘anything worth having takes time’, and the journey to Ariara Resort takes time. To get to the resort, you’ll need to take either a four-hour trimaran cruise or a one-hour speedboat ride from the port of Coron. Thankfully, the long journey gives you enough time to prepare for having your breath taken away upon arrival. This stunning resort, designed by Filipino architect Jorge Yulo, consists of eight villas and cottages, constructed using locally-sourced woods and custom-designed furniture.

    Ariara Resort is located in one of the most remarkably bio-diverse areas in the region. Through its commitment to protecting the environment, the resort works to provide sustainable employment and education practices for the community, with an environmental planting program for hardwood trees and a water lease that’s used to protect the surrounding reefs by creating a marine sanctuary. The resort is also experimenting with renewable energy processes and the use of carbon-neutral coconut oil to run its onsite generators.

    2. Finca Rosa Blanca, Costa Rica

    Image courtesy of Finca Rosa Blanca

    Finca Rosa Blanca is a work of art – literally. There are murals, sculptures and paintings throughout the property, all of which are inspired by its setting amid lush greenery, volcanoes and rolling coffee fields. But it’s not just the art that guests will find alluring: it’s also a coffee lover’s dream. The resort is set on a 30-acre organic coffee plantation, which has earned the highest ranking achievable in the Sustainable Tourism Certification Program: 100/100.

    Over 7,000 native trees have been planted on the grounds of Finca Roca Blanca, and the resort has many other eco-friendly initiatives: it’s run entirely on solar power, uses recycling, upcycling and composting, and employs an innovative copper and silver ionization process to clean the spring water which is used to fill the swimming pool, eliminating the need for any harsh chemicals. Many of these practices have been passed on to the 100% local staff team, who have in turn introduced their knowledge of sustainable practices to their own communities.

    As far as cuisine goes – it couldn’t get any fresher. The resort’s chefs visit Finca Rosa Blanca’s local greenhouse and gardens daily to create food art with formidable flavours.

    3. Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

    Image courtesy of Song Saa Private Island

    Song Saa Resort in the Koh Rong archipelago is the magical location for a romantic escape – in fact, the name means ‘sweethearts’. This 27-villa resort offers ultimate privacy, with access to your own plunge pool and private veranda.

    The resort uses reclaimed materials like timber, driftwood and indigenous vines in its design, seamlessly transforming discarded objects into works of art – what was once a piece of driftwood is now a one-of-a-kind coffee table. Song Saa sources fresh, local ingredients including seasonal fruits and vegetables, wildlife-friendly rice, cashew nuts and coconuts, and the resulting vegan and vegetarian dishes are simply divine.

    4. Longitude 131, Australia

    Image courtesy of Longitude 131

    Longitude 131 is located in the stark desert landscapes of Australia’s Northern Territory. Consisting of 15 luxury tents with a perfect view of Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), this is an eco-destination unlike any other.

    The tents are built on innovative stilts that leave the desert sands undisturbed, and the entire eco-resort runs on solar power. Taking cues from the natural surroundings and Australia’s First Nations peoples, the resort displays many indigenous art works and incorporates flavours such as quandongs (Australian bushfood) and native honeysuckle into the lodge’s fine cuisine.

    Pamper yourself at the Red Ochre Spa with power-boosting facials and massages, or take one of their excellent wilderness tours, which have achieved accolades from Ecotourism Australia.

    5. 1 Hotel South Beach, Miami

    Image courtesy of 1 Hotels

    1 Hotel South Beach has set itself a mission to evoke the beauty of nature in its design and to safeguard the environment from harm. Each room at 1 Hotel South Beach is a seamless combination of nature and luxury, featuring eco-luxe amenities such as bamboo speakers, coat hangers made from recycled newspaper and an in-room water filtration system for unlimited fresh drinking water (goodbye plastic water bottles!).

    The hotel’s various restaurants source predominately organic and locally-grown foods to create their extensive cuisine options, and there’s even an in-house market called Lobby Farmstand, where guests can source their own seasonal ingredients daily – a great, fresh meal option or a gift to take home.

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