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  • News Bites – 01 July 2020

    Travel down the Humpback Highway with Go Whale Watching and TravelManagers.

    Whale Breaching. Photo Credit @gowhalewatching @rachellemackintosh

    Sometimes luxury is about the experience and not just about the bells and whistles. We have discovered a fabulous whale of an adventure with Go Whale Watching, sailing along Humpback Highway off Sydney. Whilst you are sharing the boat with up to fifty people, Go Whale Watching has the knack of getting up close to these intelligent creatures. Onboard photographer, Rachelle Mackintosh has captured incredible shots for passengers to remember the experience.

    Sydney Whale Season 

    The annual humpback whale migration occurs in Sydney between May and November, with the whales passing the city on their way to the tropics (where they breed) from Antarctica (where they feed), then back again. This year it’s estimated that between 30,000-38,000 whales will pass the Harbour City on the way to the Sunshine State’s breeding grounds.

    Simon and Jessica Millar are a young couple from the South Coast who run Sydney whale watching trip during May to November. They are based in Merimbula, where the summer bushfires all but destroyed their summer cruise business on the South Coast.

    Bringing their expertise to Sydney each season, they are now running three boats from Darling Harbour (Bubbles, Explorer and True Blue). On each trip you exit Sydney Heads and into the open ocean to find the whales, spotting them and tracking them via their blows.

    Go Whale Watching is just one of the winter adventures our personal travel managers can organise for you.

    The Robots have arrived in Tokyo

    Tokyo. Photo Credit Shutterstock

    Tokyo is going beyond their practice of excellent general hygiene with a number of quirky and thought services to keep you feeling safe.

    Hotel Robots

    Robots are now providing some services at a selection of hotels in Tokyo. Harry the room service robot a the Shinagawa Prince Hotel N Tower delivers various items to your room for a fee including nightgowns, wine openers and minibar items such as beer, soft drinks and snacks.

    Over at the Henn na Hotel you can meet up with the Unibo robot concierge who will give you a variety of facial expressions as well as tourist information.

    Automated Taxi Doors

    For a first-time visitor to Japan catching a taxi and having the door self-open and close is a wonderful novelty. Introduced for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, it’s perfect for 2020 as there is one less thing to touch when touring around.

    Private Ramen

    This was first designed for celebrities not wanting to eat in public but now it is available for all. Ramen Ichiran has 19 shops in Tokyo with speciality “Flavour Concentration Booths” for private diners. Safe and clean, you can slurp to your ramen without worrying about who may be around.

    Restroom “Throne Service”- This aptly named service by Tokyo’s Daimaru Department store is a real time Online Restroom Availability Service so instead of making your way to the restroom location and forming a queue you can find restrooms in the store which are available. One catch – you need to speak Japanese. However the Japanese must be the most hospitable country on earth so just ask a passing local and no doubt they will translate for you.

    Michelin Starred Take Away

    Fine dining is an art form in Tokyo and eating out is very much a way of life for Tokyoites. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant many restaurants have added home delivery services.  Tokyo has more than 220 Michelin Starred restaurants, more than any other city in the world and a lot of these are now accessible via home delivery.

    For more inspiration or to start planning your next holiday, talk to your personal travel manager. You can find one near you here.