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    News bites – 14 October 2021

    Go Off the Grid with Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

    Glamping in Thailand. Image courtesy Four Seasons

    Engulfed in magical bamboo jungles and separated from Myanmar and Laos by the gurgling Ruak and Mekong Rivers, Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle captures the life of an adventurer – all set to explore the luxuries of a Four Seasons glamping experience. From spectacular mountain trails and bicycle tours to riverside picnics and private sundowners, guests can spend a day exploring the Golden Triangle and unwind in the privacy of luxury tents.

    Four Seasons Thailand. Image courtesy Four Seasons

    Leave the Gadgets Behind
    “Digital maps cannot replicate the charm of an old-school compass,” smiles Tobias Emmer, Camp Manager. “Channel your inner adventurer as you glamp things up, retro style – our experts put together an itinerary to experience the confluence of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos like an explorer from the bygone era!”

    In this age of hyper-connectivity and constant updates, being online 24/7 is inevitable – and also far from ideal. With studies showing the ill-effects on our brain and nervous system, it’s even more important to make going offline a habit. The paradox of our hyper-connected world can be a very anti-social holiday, spending more hours on our gadgets than one would like to admit. “Instead, follow the compass (and your Camp Guide) to find yourself in the ideal spot for a Riverside Dinner,” shares Tobias. While the sun puts on a show as it sets over the Ruak River, savour camp-style cocktails and a BBQ dinner in a setting that’s straight out of any explorer’s handbook.

    At the Camp, going #OffTheGridWithFS is key to seizing the day. From picnics by the river to hillside bicycle tours, the team invites travellers to unplug make a memorable connection with the destination that is the Golden Triangle in Thailand.

    “We offer a unique opportunity to truly immerse in the local culture,” adds Tobias, “These experiences are a mix of adventure, cultural exploration and relaxation, tailormade for your style of travel. Stay a little longer and experience more.” And, the luxury tented accommodation with breakfast gives guests every reason to do so.

    Four Seasons Thailand off the grid. Image courtesy Four Seasons

    Immerse in Nature
    Sunrise and sunsets are gifts bestowed by nature every single day. But with busy work schedules, one is seldom inspired by these natural phenomena. The solution? “Wake up early, hike up to our Camp Peak, the highest point of the campsite, and take in stunning views of the sun rising above the Mekong River and the mountains of Laos at around a quarter past six in the morning,” smiles Tobias, “Don’t worry if you are not a morning person like me! You can enjoy the cool evening breeze and a magical sunset at around six, sipping cocktails.”

    Speaking of sundown, the Camp offers delightful sunset cocktails at various venues – atop the fully restored Land Rover, on a private deck with stunning views of the setting sun, or even at the tent.

    10 Insta-worthy spots in Fiji you don’t want to miss

    CLOUD 9. Image courtesy Tourism Fiji

    Fiji is opening again for lockdown weary Australians who want to start filling their insta accounts with toenail painted tanned feet on white sandy beaches. Fiji is filled with insta-worthy spots that’ll have you chasing caves, sunsets, and waterfalls. Snap a pic in these hot spots and we guarantee you’ll get your pals double-tapping.

    Share your #FijiHappyMoments and tag @tourismfiji and they may reshare it to the world.

    1. Cloud 9
    Fiji’s ‘floating paradise’ definitely lives up to expectations when it comes to getting that perfect ‘gram pic. The two-level floating platform, surrounded by turquoise waters is equipped with a full surround-sound system to get your groove on before jumping in to explore the pristine marine life. Then cool down with a cold one at their fully stocked bar or snap some #foodstagram at their Italian wood-fired pizzeria.

    Malamala. Image courtesy Tourism Fiji

    2. Malamala Beach Club
    Say ‘Bula’ to the crystal-clear waters, white sandy beach and lush landscape of the world’s first Island beach club. Just a short 25-minute boat ride from Denarau, park up on a day bed with a cocktail in hand and butler service, take a dip in the picture-perfect infinity pool with a cracked coconut to drink or indulge in some Asian and Pacific inspired a-la-carte delicacies, all of which will get your followers snatching up the next flight out (when they’re able).

    Sawa i Lau Pools. Image courtesy Tourism Fiji

    3. Sawa-i-Lau Caves
    Have your go-pro at the ready for Fiji’s best kept Insta-worthy secret. This bucket list experience tucked away in the heart of the Yasawa Islands adorns saltwater pools that are made among hollowed-out limestone. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, get a tour guide and let them guide you through an underwater tunnel that leads to a secret cavern. You’ll need a torch, floaties and a fair bit of courage but the thrill of discovery and the perfect lighting for ‘that’ shot is hard to beat.

    Tavoro Falls (aka Bouma Falls) in the Bouma National Heritage Park, Taveuni. Image courtesy Tourism Fiji

    4. Tavoro Waterfalls
    We can’t help but chase waterfalls when the falls are this good!  Bouma National Park is situated on Taveuni Island and is home to Tavoro Waterfalls, a trio of pristine flowing falls that’ll be sure to get your followers swooning. Surrounded by lush green jungle, dive into the largest waterfall after just a short 10-minute walk from the entrance or embrace your inner #fitspo and embark on a three-hour return hike to pass all three waterfalls. Make sure you’ve packed your snorkel because when you get to the third, you’ll be welcomed by hundreds of prawns!

    Boat rafting through Upper Navua River canyon. Image courtesy Tourism Fiji

    5. Upper Navua River
    Nestled in the remote highlands of Viti Levi lies the Upper Navua River and one of the best bucket list experiences you’ll have, if it’s good enough for Ed Sheeran, we guarantee it’s good enough for your followers. If thrill and adventure is your thing, prepare to dodge boulders as you slice through the protected 24km rugged slot canyon or if you’re looking for something a little more tranquil, float down the river and take in the views of the strikingly beautiful fern-filled rainforest with a waterfall to snap around every corner. After your adventures, you’ll be craving a quick dip in the water and a delicious picnic to end the day.

    Monuriki Island Castaway. Image courtesy Tourism Fiji

    6. Monuriki (Castaway Movie Island)
    After stepping foot on the strikingly beautiful set of the 2001 Oscar-nominated film, ‘Castaway’, we can’t quite understand why Tom Hanks wanted to leave so bad. The uninhabited volcanic island which spans 1km in length and 600m in width, is covered in picturesque tropical foliage, rugged rock faces and surrounded by untouched coral reef. Nestled in the Mamanucas archipelago get your selfie sticks ready because this is one picture-perfect backdrop you won’t want to miss capturing.

    KOKOMO West Beach Aerial. Image courtesy Tourism Fiji

    7. Kokomo Island Resort Pontoon
    Strap on your snorkel because the most ‘gramable pontoon is located a short swim away from the shores of Kokomo Island Resort. They say it’s not about the destination, but the journey there; and in this case, it couldn’t be more accurate. Surrounded by immaculate coral reef, we suggest investing in a waterproof case because you’ll want to have it at the ready to capture Kokomo’s incredible marine life as you paddle out to lounge in the middle of the ocean.

    8. Sunset Dinner Cruise
    Jump on board one of the largest sailing catamarans in the Southern Hemisphere as Captain Cook Cruises takes you on a sunset cruise you won’t forget – what better backdrop than endless ocean and a #nofilter sunset to get your followers fantasising? Once you’ve got your perfect ‘gram, sit back and relax with a drink in hand as you take in the spectacular views of the Mamanuca Islands. Then watch on as you’re treated to traditional cultural entertainment before dining on an incredible buffet-style dinner.

    9. Picnic on a sand cay
    Talk about luxury… Pop a bottle of your favourite tipple at one of Fiji’s many deserted sand-cays paired with a tropical picnic, postcard views, tranquil surrounds and remoteness to die for. Just a short 7-minute boat ride from Royal Davui you’ll find the iconic backdrop of the sand cay in the Beqa Lagoon. Whether it’s an afternoon of relaxation, a romantic date or a picnic with your gal pals, this is an activity for the books (or the ‘gram grid shall we say).

    10. Laucala Resort
    You don’t need to look far to find the top-notch reviews and picture-perfect snaps, gushing about Laucala Resort’s incredible pool. The almost 25-metre glass pool that looks like something straight out of a movie set, serves as the resorts main pool and is surrounded by another 4-level lagoon-style rock pool. Set amongst coconut plantations, turquoise waters and lush green landscape, the island resort boasts 25 glamorous versions of traditional Fijian dwellings, each equipped with their own private beach, so guests aren’t short of a photo opportunity.

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