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    News bites – 17 November 2021

    Nagoya city attractions off the radar

    NAGOYA CONVENTION VISITORS BUREAU Nagoya City Science Museum display. Image courtesy of Aichi Prefecture

    In between the action-packed stops in Tokyo and Osaka, you might be searching for somewhere that is a little less touristy where you can just ‘chill’. A stopover in Aichi Prefecture might just be for you. The prefecture is often overlooked by international travellers, making it one of those ‘off-the-radar’ destinations you have been looking for.

    For those days when you want to avoid travelling far from the station (especially when you are toting tots) here are three central Nagoya attractions – all located right nearby the station. From stargazing in HD at Japan’s first LED-powered planetarium to interactive Toyota Group museums, there are some zany experiences to be had.

    Newly opened! See the stars in HD at the Konica Minolta Planetarium MANTEN Nagoya

    Konica Minolta Planetarium Co. Ltd. Konica Minolta Planetarium MANTEN Nagoya. Image courtesy of Aichi Prefecture

    A stop at Nagoya MANTEN, the newest planetarium of Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd is worth a visit for star lovers as the planetarium theatre will be Japan’s first LED dome system. Unlike conventional projector-based dome systems, Nagoya MANTEN will be the first in the country to use DYNAVISION®-LED, a LED dome system that recreates images with LED elements. With higher luminance levels and rich, deep colours, Nagoya MANTEN will turn heads with its reproduction of highly realistic and beautiful starry skies.

    Families should book themselves into one of the ‘clouds seats’, signature to Konica Minolta Planetarium’s MANTEN planetariums, to sit back in cushioned comfort and enjoy the projected night skies spread out above.

    Get there: The Nagoya MANTEN planetarium is part of a new shopping mall in the same block as the internationally loved ceramic maker’s retired factory grounds, Noritake Garden, which is only a 15-minute walk from Nagoya Station.

    Uncover the tech of the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

    With Aichi being the home of automobile giant Toyota’s main headquarters, there is a selection of their world-class attractions around Aichi for the tech lovers. Closest to Nagoya Station you can find the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, which features hands-on exhibits to lead you through the inspiring history of the manufacturing icon and its founders. The museum inhabits the original factory buildings which were built by the Toyota Group’s founder, Sakichi Toyoda.

    Here you can find an array of interactive exhibits, including their Automobile Pavilion that showcases Toyota’s automobile manufacturing process from various angles. This exhibition is divided into five zones: The early period of Toyota’s automobile business, their automobile developments through the years, Toyota’s automobile technology, Toyota’s production technology and lastly, the section on Toyota’s founders.

    Something fun and hands-on for kids at the museum is Techno Land, a room filled with original game machines where children can experience the fun of crafting with the principles and mechanisms employed in Toyota’s automobiles.

    Get there: The Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology can be reached in just over a 15-minute walk from Nagoya Station.

    The fun side of science at the Nagoya City Science Museum

    NAGOYA CONVENTION VISITORS BUREAU Nagoya City Science Museum display. Image courtesy of Aichi Prefecture

    Not only one of the city’s most recognisable icons, but the Nagoya City Science Museum has many highlights. The landmark spherical design is actually part of one of the displays, the world’s biggest planetarium that boasts a diameter of 35-metres. Spread over seven floors are enthralling exhibits that cover a wide selection of scientific fields, the three main sections being life sciences, science and technology and, astronomy (hence the planetarium).

    Interactive learning is one of the best parts of a trip to the Nagoya City Science Museum with its hands-on learning exhibits and experiments for children and adults alike. From witnessing nine-metre-tall man-made tornados at the Tornado Lab to experiencing the extreme temperatures of the north and south poles in the Deep Freeze Lab, you are sure to lose track of time as you jump from exciting exhibit to exciting exhibit.

    Get there: The Nagoya City Science Museum can be reached from Nagoya Station in approximately 10 minutes by those using a taxi, or alternatively take the subway one stop from Nagoya Station, getting off at Fushimi Station where the museum is only a five minute walk away.

    Aichi Prefecture, Japan
    Known to locals as the ‘heart’ of Japan, Aichi Prefecture boasts a colourful past as a crucial point for traffic between east and west Japan. It is highly diverse and is a melting pot where were rustic Japanese charm meets innovation and technology.

    How to travel to get to Aichi
    By bullet train: One hour and 40 minutes from Tokyo, 50 minutes from Osaka and just 35 minutes from Kyoto to get to Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture’s capital and Japan’s fourth largest city.
    By air: Aichi Prefecture’s international airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport offers ease of access from other airports in Japan, as well as for those flying from Australia via Southeast Asia.

    Never Never Distilling Co. Now Offer a Premium Gin Masterclass Experience at Their Award-Winning Distillery Door Australia

    Never Never Gin. Image by Meaghan Coles

    Never Never Distilling Co. have launched a new Premium Gin Masterclass at their McLaren Vale Distillery Door. After opening their doors in March 2020 before having to close them just five weeks later, Never Never had always planned to expand their venue offering beyond the simple self-guided tasting flights and delicious cocktails. ‘Developing the premium masterclass was always really important to us’ says Distillery Door general manager, Kate Rowlands, adding ‘Sean, George & Tim have done an incredible job building the brand, so this experience offers guests the opportunity to go behind the scenes of Never Never and discover what it takes to produce Australia’s most highly awarded gin.’

    The Never Never Distilling Co Premium Gin Masterclass includes a fully guided tour and tasting experience hosted by one of their in-house gin experts. Guests receive a welcome g&t on arrival, which they can sip as they’re given a brief tour from the expansive lawns, while taking in the views of McLaren Vale’s rolling vineyards. From here, guests are taken behind the scenes of the Never Never production facility before a seated session where they’re told the history of Never Never and how they create their award winning gins.

    Never Never Gin with Bay Leaf. Image by Meaghan Coles

    Finally, an intimate and detailed tasting of Never Never’s core range of products, sampling a seasonal release and indulging in a cocktail of their choice made by Never Never’s skilled bar team. Included in the ticket price, guests will take home an exclusive Never Never Distilling Co. gift bag worth $70. This includes a 200mL bottle of Never Never gin, premium Fever Tree tonic, cocktail onions and a magnet pack from local artist Billie Justice Thomson.

    With borders reopening, Never Never are excited to once again be able to host interstate guests to showcase their award-winning produce and share the Never Never story. With Christmas around the corner, if you’re looking for a gift for friends or family you can also purchase a Masterclass Experience gift card.

    Never Never’s latest release, Dark Series Oyster Shell Gin is proving to be an incredibly popular choice at the venue, with a fresh summer cocktail menu now available.

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