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    News bites – April 30 2019

    The Luxury Lighthouse of La Palma

    Image courtesy of Nexos

    The 152-year old lighthouse, Faro Punta Cumplida, has opened its doors to guests after a three-year renovation. Faro Punta Cumplida is found on the island of La Palma – one of the Canary Islands’ best kept secrets.

    The island’s unique beauty and extraordinary history offers guests an off-the-grid luxury experience. The lighthouse, which is still in nautical use, offers four luxury rooms and suites for up to eight guests.

    Along with the four suites, the lighthouse boasts a roof terrace, and infinity pool, a 36-metre high watchtower and one of the most picturesque gardens in the Canary Islands.

    The watchtower has 158 steps; winding your way to the top, you’ll be met with outstanding views of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounding banana plantations and the lush mountains of La Palma.

    Calling all Harry Potter fans…

    Image courtesy of Charlotte Graham/Cover Images

    In preparation for International Harry Potter Day (yes, it’s a thing), Hagrid has spruced up his hut. Inspired by the home of JK Rowling’s fictional character Hagrid, Carol Cavendish has opened the Ground Keeper’s Cottage in North Yorkshire.

    This luxe version of Hagrid’s cottage cost £195,000 to build and furnish, but even with the upgrade, the cottage still has a very ‘Hagrid’ feel to it. It is comprised of three interlocking, circular, slate-roofed buildings (two with turrets), and stained glass windows. Inside the cottage, the space has been designed to perfection, with dangling baskets, ropes and lanterns. One highlight is the free-standing, copper tub and bespoke copper basin.

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