Travel Insurance for motorbike hire?

Scooters in Vietnam

Will my Travel Insurance for motorbike hire be covered? So you are off on your latest holiday and fancy the idea of the wind in your hair and easy way to do some sightseeing. Be aware that your Travel Insurance will not cover you under a few general circumstances.

Current Licence

You must hold a current Australian Motorcycle licence or a current International Driving Permit. Be a passenger which is under the control of a person who holds either a Australian Motorcycle licence or a current International Driving Permit or a drivers licence valid for the country you are travelling in.

Choosing A Bike

Another thing to watch out for is the size of the bike.  If you hold a licence for a 250cc then don’t go hiring a 1000cc Harley Davidson.

Obviously normal conditions such as not driving drunk, dangerously or against local rules can make a claiming not possible.

As the saying goes “always check your Product Disclosure Statement” for detailed Terms and Conditons.

If you can’t afford Travel Insurance you can’t afford to Travel

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