Magnificent Rivers of the World Cruise 2023 with UNIWORLD

Magnificent Rivers of the World Cruise 2023 with UNIWORLD

Egypt (Cairo) To Portugal (Lisbon) – 2023

Be part of the first annual event to cruise the rivers of the world from Cairo to Lisbon. This cruise will be enjoyed onboard five beautiful super ships and will be for forty-six nights covering over 9 countries. This cruise will give you a feeling of wonder, as you explore nature and its beauty over this fifty-night period.

You will cruise the stunning Nile in Egypt to the lovely Duoro River in Portugal.

Details Of The Ship Tour

Departure Date

The departure date will be on the 20th of May, 2023, and the tour will take you from Cairo, Egypt to Lisbon, Portugal. The duration is for fifty nights.

What Is Included In The Trip

This trip includes all luxury amenities, as always. There will be welcoming and farewell events, and also lots of surprises during the touring. You will have a travel guide/ helper with you all the time to help cater for your needs. Your flights are also included during the cruise. However, flights before and after the tour period, are not included.

The Cruise Accommodations

All   ships to be used for this tour are super ships and they are elegant floating hotels carefully selected to suit all your needs. They are designed to highlight the beauty of the destinations, and provide all-round comfort.


The destinations for this cruise will cover 9 countries and 2 continents. Beginning from Egypt, you will visit the Mediterranean, the Alps, Northern France and Central Europe.


Part One (Day 1 – 11)

Destination: Egypt

Cruise Ship: S.S. Sphinx

Your cruise will begin on the Nile, one of the world’s first-ever cruise destinations.

There will be an opening event in Cairo to kickoff the voyage.

Then the first part of the journey begins on board the S.S. Sphinx, a new super ship. There will also be luxury hotel lodgings in Cairo. While onboard the ship, there will be an experienced Egyptologist who will be explaining the history and significance of different locations such as the ancient temples of Abu Simbel, which is totally unbelievable, and a must see.

Part Two (Day 12 – 23)

Destination: Italy and Switzerland

Cruise Ship: S.S. La Venezia

For this part of the cruise, you will be using the beautiful S.S. La Venezia to cross the Mediterranean sea through to the Swiss Alps. Here we will stay at Lugano, a beautiful lake town located on the borders of Italy and Switzerland.

Tip: Lugano, they like to speak Italian or English, rather than the other Swiss languages of French or German.

Next there will be a land tour in Amazing Milan and then set sails on a Venice Lagoon and Po River as the cruise continues through Northern Italy.

Part Three (Day 24 – 31)

Destination: Hungary, Austria and Germany

Cruise Ship: S.S. Maria Theresa

Onboard the Five-star ship, inspired by famous Queen Maria Theresa. Enjoy cruising through the heart of the former Holy Roman Empire.

You will be immersed in awesome and inspiring architecture, beautiful natural landscapes and hidden  villages, this gives you a whole new experience of nature. A highlight will be VIP access to a private tour of the Schönbrunn Palace, the main summer accommodation of the Habsburg rulers, located in Vienna.

Part Four (Day 32 – 39)

Destination: France

Cruise Ship: S.S. Joie de Vivre

Here you will enjoy the fascinating experience of Paris with the Seine where sumptuous wine and meals are served. Get ready to be stunned by charming local towns in Northern France with the historic beaches of Normandy, which gives you a unique exploring experience and emotional connection. The highlight of this part will be the iconic show at the Moulin Rouge.

Part Five (Day 40 – 51)

Cruise Ship: S.S. São Gabriel

Destination: Portugal and Spain

The perfect way to end this once in a lifetime cruise is through the spectacular Douro River Valley onboard the new S.S. São Gabriel. This destination has no limits to colourful sites to behold and beautiful river views. You will also get to finalize your incredible journey by going on a land tour to one of the most fascinating cities of Sintra and Cascais, in Lisbon followed by a glamorous farewell event.



Do not pass up on this lifetime opportunity to see the world and experience an adventure like never before. This tour promises to be the best thing you will experience and the highlight of your year.

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