Do you have these travel apps downloaded for your next adventure?

Do you have these travel apps downloaded for your next adventure?

As we progress more and more into the digital age, there are many helpful travel apps being created to make your next adventure less stressful.

If you have never used an app when traveling, check out the ones below and test them out before your next holiday.  You might be surprised by how beneficial some of them are.


Google Maps – Not just useful for maps, but it can really help navigate your way around a city, including public transport – train, subway, bus, ferry timetables can be found using Google maps. It also helps with walking directions and to locate restaurants, shops, etc nearby. If you’re the adventurous type, you can even get cycling directions. I often Star ⭐️ my hotel so I can easily find my way back home.


Packpoint – Packpoint is an app which can help you pack – almost literally!  It helps create a packing list for you based on your destination, length of stay and what activities you will doing.  The app allows you to send your list to others and also Evernote, allowing ease of viewing across all devices.


TripIt – By sending all your confirmation emails (flights, accommodation, car hire, restaurants) to one place ([email protected]) it will compile a daily schedule of your trip in one place.  You can add items to your calendar, share with friends, provides the latest COVID information, and can even help you navigate your way through airports!


TimeShifter – This app will help prevent jetlag.  Yes, jetlag is not something we are experiencing in our current times, but in the not to distance future we will again be traveling overseas into different time zones.  Sleep is determined (usually) by light for us.  By using our itinerary, sleep patterns and our chronotype, the app can devise when we should seek light and avoid it.  It also advises on caffeine and melatonin.


Loungebuddy –  Do you use the lounges at airports?  If not, you may be missing out!  This app will tell you what lounges are available in the airports you are travelling through.  It can also allow you to purchase day access to paid lounges.



RoadTrippers – For those travellers who don’t like to have their whole holiday meticulously planned out before they leave.  RoadTrippers app allows you to enter a start and end driving destination in and it will map out a route for you, including recommended stops along the way.


Waze –  A great app for traffic navigation.  Used in numerous cities around the world, you will find your way across towns in no time. It includes the handy option of redirection when there is a traffic delay.


Flush – When you need to go, you just need to go.  Flush will help you find a public toilet or restroom close to your location.



Google Translate – Help when you are abroad and cannot speak the language.  Google translate will instantly translate text and images to over 100 languages.  For single words or full conversations, you won’t order the wrong dinner option again!



If you have used any of these apps, leave a comment below about what you liked or didn’t like.

Do you have any more suggestions of apps which should be a must get for travellers?


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