Merry Christmas and thank you

Merry Christmas and thank you

To all my wonderful clients,

What a year 2020 has been. From the very start of 2020 our family enjoyed a relaxing beachside holiday camping in Bargara in January, during this time we started planning our White Christmas trip to the UK and Switzerland for Christmas 2020, who’s with me remembering where they were supposed to travel to in 2020! Trust me, I know, I had a trip organised for many of you!

2020 has certainly brought about many challenges for all of us. If you said to me this time last year that in 2020 we’d see planes grounded, cruise ships floating empty, and many countries (including ours) closing their international & domestic borders, I’d have said you’re going crazy…. But Crazy is what 2020 has become! Living with this crazy, has become the ‘new normal’ and keeping socially distanced is new to our vocabulary. All the craziness aside, I’m blessed to have my family happy and healthy, but Professionally, this has been the hardest year of my life. Having my love and passion of sharing the world with people ripped out from beneath me was something no one saw coming.

Imagine taking 6-12 months to knit a jumper… all the love, stories, laughter & hard work that goes into making the jumper resembles the love and passion I have for my job and the fun we had creating your amazing holiday, all that was left was for you to make those everlasting memories…. The heartbreaking part of 2020, was unravelling that jumper and putting all the wool back into a ball…. Basically undoing all the travel planning for so many of my wonderful clients, cancelling and refunding holidays. Who would have thought! During all of this, it’s been your love, understanding and support that has got me through this tough time!

COVID-19 has given us all new experiences, just in a different way to travel. Home schooling, working from home (well that’s not new for me), staying in more, cooking more, and drinks via ZOOM. My favourite was definitely the latter… even a fun game of Kahoot via ZOOM!

As the refunds are mostly complete now (just a few still trickling in), and many credits sitting idle till borders open and people able to use them, I’m just waiting till we’re safe and able to travel again. Travel is in my blood, it’s in my heart and I will forever love the sights, smells, tastes and experiences travel gives us. So whilst I’m taking a little break at the moment, please know that the world will recover and I’ll always be here for you. Please keep dreaming, keep creating that bucket list and when we can, lets get back to ticking them off your list!!!

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Festive Season. I hope you get some time to enjoy a well deserved break and enjoy the things you love. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your compassion, understanding and support throughout all of 2020, here’s to a future of travel starting up again, sometime in 2021!

Your Personal Travel Manager,

Amanda Brady
Based in Wellington Point, QLD
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