Why you should book your travel through a travel agent.

Why you should book your travel through a travel agent.

Many people think that searching for endless hours on the internet will provide you with enough information to book a memorable holiday.

Well it may in some instances, if you don’t mind missing out on super deals or enjoying the flexibility of what a personal travel manager can offer you.

If you are unsure of what a personal travel manager (aka ME) can do for you, think of me like a mortgage broker or personal trainer.  I help you realise your most fantasised adventures or dreamy weekend escapes.  No matter where you want to go or what you want to include, I tailor make your package to suit your needs – not 100’s of others.

Travel managers give you a personalised service.  With years of travel experience and knowledge, we listen and understand your travel desires and can offer you insights to destinations you only dreamt of visiting.

Have you heard about those terrible, crazy events which only occur to unfortunate travellers?  What if that happened to be you?  Booking through a personal travel manager you know I have your back.  Take for instance this year and COVID.  Thousands of people lost deposits or even whole bookings because of the lack of knowledge they had when booking their own holiday.  I have been able to refund, reschedule or rebook for my clients.  We work for you and assist you through your whole holiday, not just after we hand you your tickets.

And support… if you book your holiday online yourself, have you thought about who would support you if there was an emergency during your travels?  You can rest assured that personal travel managers are with you throughout your whole holiday.  Even though our office hours might state 9am – 5pm M-F, we provide 24 hours emergency service to our clients.

I completely understand that there are people who won’t use the services of a personal travel manager.  But I ask that you have a think the next time you are looking to book a holiday and ask yourself:

  • Will you have the assurance of a flexible and confident travel agent?
  • Am I receiving quality and knowledge with my booking?
  • Is this actually convenient for me to be roaming numerous internet sites for the best deal?
  • Will I know if I am getting the best deal possible?
  • Will there be support after I click the ‘book now’ button?

After 22 years in the travel industry, I am passionate about what I do and how I do it.  As we are still navigating uncertain times, the knowledge that travel will one day return to (some kind of) normal is what keeps me motivated.

Feel free to drop me a line to see if can help you plan out your dream holiday in 2021/2022.

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