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    Ann-Maree Bardell

    Ann-Maree Bardell

    Personal Travel Manager

    based-in Based in Ballina, NSW

    T: 0424 191 842

    E: AnnMaree.Bardell@travelmanagers.com.au

    Business Hours: Monday to Saturday - I work with you.

    About Me

    Hi, I’m Ann-Maree.

    I’ve been involved in the tourism/travel industry since 2001, I grew up  in the Byron Bay area and now reside in the gorgeous town of Ballina.

    While having worked extensively around Australia in some of the most popular tourist destinations I had the opportunity to explore the rest of the world.

    This cultivated my love of travel and once I did travel – the experience was life changing and possibly not in the way everyone assumes – my experience had me come back from a 10 week trip and take 6 months to get over.

    This made me the travel manager I am today – I think of the things that we may overlook – become particular but open to possibilities, think safety and security while making the most of every opportunity.

    I love to plan out and manage all kinds of travel – My own personal interests are to experience the cultures and cuisines from all over the world.

    Doing it first hand, I always make the effort to experience both when I travel throughout my adventures.

    Travel doesn’t have to be a huge adventure overseas it could be exploring your own backyard with an unexpected twist.

    I think out of the box for solutions and anticipate your needs for your travel, from family holidays and work commitments to major life changing adventures

    I will give you the service and support you need to make it happen.

    Lets meet to get your travel started,  you can email me at AnnMaree.Bardell@travelmanagers.com.au or call me on 0424 191 842.



    Where I've Travelled

    Destinations I'm Passionate About

    I have an absolute love and respect for all the countries I’ve visited but my favorite has been Borneo Malaysia – don’t know why but  loved the feel of the country and the people.  From the lush rainforests to the unbelievably beautiful beaches with their  clear turquoise waters to the the desolate barren mountain peaks through the clouds.  Travelling down the rivers on motorized canoes and stopping to find a longhouse for lunch and a hidden waterfalls are some of the memories I cherish in this gorgeous country.

    Ecuador is a close second as the culture is so amazing and the food is delicious!  I saw cloud covered mountains, stone buildings thousands of years old, border crossings that made me realize how amazing my home country was, Valleys of such abundance and serenity that i didn’t want to leave.

    Every country has a reason to visit, an experience that will make you love or hate it. I’m lucky that the countries I’ve seen and the cultures I’ve experienced have made me want more.

    Services I Provide

    I work with you to  book all your travel – tell me where you need to go, and I’ll make it happen.

    All corporate travel

    School Groups -overseas or domestic

    Schoolies – End of year celebrations – overseas or domestic

    Pop Culture conventions ( Super Nova, Comic Con etc. )

    Leisure trips – Weekends away, romantic getaways, Babymoons etc.

    Tours – culinary, walking, adventure, specialized needs, historical, cultural, Luxury, unique.

    Cruising – River and Ocean

    Festivals – Music or Cultural


    Stopover destinations


    Visa’s – applying and sending off for them

    Car or Motorhome hire

    Insurance – Guide you to the right policy for you or the family & Insurance claims

    Sporting events and tickets.

    Day tours & activities

    Surf or Diving Holidays


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