Whether you’ve just finished up at work or had a few days of pre-holiday preparation, switching off takes time. So, here’s our four favourite travel apps to give you a taste of paradise before you even get there. Mental bliss awaits!


  1. Goodreads

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a good read. A gripping story can provide a welcome mental distraction, or it can transport you to another world — an island oasis even. Goodreads shares surprisingly insightful recommendations based on books you’ve read before and loved. The app also provides a forum for people around the world to share their recommendations of good books to read. Make sure you have the perfect read to accompany you in the car, on the plane, or to unwind with by the pool.


  1. Headspace

A little bit of mindfulness can go a long way. The beauty of Headspace is that it offers short, guided sessions for those who are new to meditation. Excellent for dealing with jetlag, the app has lessons for kids and adults — meaning the littlies can get involved, too. From reducing stress to helping you sleep, Headspace is the perfect pre- or post-holiday companion.


  1. Streetography

Feel like it’s a been a little why since you booked your holiday? Streetography is guaranteed to get you in the holiday mood. The app brings you the best from the world’s neighbourhoods by transporting you right there through photos. You can search for the city you’re heading to and see the most liked photos or zoom in and explore the neighbourhoods yourself. If you’re a photography aficionado, you can upload your own ones, too!


  1. Google Trips

Google Trips allows you to plan your day like magic. The app automatically maps out a half or full day with fun suggestions on what to see and do, and different places to travel. Don’t like the options? Tap the ‘magic wand’ to see more interesting ideas. Even if you don’t end up visiting the suggested spots, they’re bound to give you an exciting taste of what’s to come.


  1. Podcasts App

There’s no better way to relax and catch up on the latest news than with a good podcast. We suggest downloading your favourites to your Podcasts app playlist before you go. That way, you can take the stories with you from your bed to the beach, what a relaxing holiday! A few of our favourites are Pop Culture Happy Hour, Serial: Season Three and 10 Things That Scare Me.

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