10 years ago Glen and Tammy married and had their honeymoon in Fiji.  Tammy thought it would be a wonderful idea to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary as a family and take their 2 daughters, Ella 7 yrs and Mia 5 yrs over to Fiji on a family holiday in April.

With their flights booked, resort chosen and passports ready, they were looking forward to some family time away for a week.

Never did they think their backyard in Shepparton would become their ‘Fake Fiji’ for a week due to Covid-19.

With flights grounded, resorts closed and all Australians being told to self isolate, Tammy was determined to continue their family holiday. Tammy and family have enjoyed a week away together in ‘Fake Fiji’ and share some of their photos from their trip below.

Tammy crafted boarding passes and passports to start their trip.  Once on the plane drink and snacks were served while they enjoyed watching a movie on the flight to ‘Fake Fiji’

Once at the resort Ella and Mia enjoyed a relaxing morning at the ‘Fake Day Spa’ having facials and massages.  There was also some fun via facetime for a game of Fiji Bingo with the grandparents.  The Edwards family had craft sessions, made cocktails/mocktails, hula dancing and hair braiding for the girls.

While away Glen celebrated a real milestone birthday in ‘Fake Fiji’  They were super lucky their fake resort had real Fijian beer and cocktails to celebrate.

Glen being the Chief of his village held a Kava Ceremony teaching Ella and Mia about Fijian culture.

Overall the Edwards family had a wonderful time at ‘Fake Fiji’ and rated their resort 5 stars.  The girls have learnt a lot about Fiji during their week away.

When the Covid pandemic is all over Annette looks forward re booking Tammy and her family to the Real Fiji!  There will be nothing better then arriving into Fiji and hearing the welcome song for the first time.  The Bula greetings will be back and the smiling Fijians will be ready to welcome you.

At least the Edwards family have had a practice run in ‘Fake Fiji’ and made their local paper.

Annette Fyfe
Based in Victoria Point, QLD

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