What you need to know about the Hair and Make-up package for your wedding!

As you are having a destination wedding it is highly unlikely you will meet your hair and make-up artists face to face prior to your wedding day. We have worked with our Hair and Make-up artists to ensure that all bases are covered and you will have nothing to worry about on your wedding day.

Upon booking your wedding you will be placed in contact with your hair and make-up artist who will contact you with an introductory email requesting inspiration photos and a photo of you in natural light to show skin tones and hair style to allow for our hair and make-up artists to be fully prepared on your wedding day.

Photo’s of inspiration are great and really important for your supplies to be fully prepared. Even though suppliers request that you send these images through to them prior to your wedding day, please ensure you have them available for reference on the day of your wedding on your smart phone or device.

On the wedding day make up artists request that you have a clean and dry face that has been moisturized so that you are ready to start.
For Hair designs we ask that you clean and dry your hair the day before your wedding to ensure that your hair is workable and to avoid any delays ( if your hair is prone to greasiness please wash and dry your hair in the morning prior to hair and make up team arriving). If hair and make up artists have to spend time drying hair it takes extra time that has not been allocated into the schedule and time slots will run over.

If you or your bridesmaids are bringing their own hair extensions to be put in on the day please notify your suppliers to ensure they plan extra time into the schedule to account for this as occasionally applying hair extensions can be time consuming.

If real flowers are requested for placing in your hair please arrange this with your wedding planner/ resort to ensure that the flowers are delivered and accounted for and are matching your wedding flowers.
Our Hair and Make-up suppliers carry a stock of real hair fake eyelashes which are complimentary for any lady that has booked a make up service.

Prior to your wedding day your Hair and Make-up stylist will supply you with a schedule based on the information that they have received to ensure smooth timeline and deadlines are in place. It is really important that with larger groups EVERYONE IS ON TIME. all it takes is one person to be a little late and it can push the whole schedule out.

Sometimes with larger groups the day gets a little busy with aunties and friends coming into the room to check on the bride and see how things are progressing – which is lovely however from experience this can also cause delays with interruptions, so if at all possible the number of people entering the room is kept to a minimum to reduce the amount of delays to ensure that the Bride is not running late.

Generally when booking your hair and make up the resorts are aware that extra chairs are required and all of those finer details can be confirmed with the wedding planner at the resort at your pre-wedding meeting.

For any further information please contact your Hair and Make-up stylist directly.

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