Phuket opens from 1 July 2021

It’s exciting to see counties now starting to reopen for tourists.  With systems now set in place to keep us safe, we cant wait to get back to travelling and re start our weddings in Thailand for our wonderful couples.

Phuket has reopened to vaccinated tourists from 1 July 2021.  The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is please to provide the latest general information on the reopening of Thailand, starting with the pilot destination of Phuket.

The Royal Thai Government has officially endorsed measures for Phuket to reopen to fully vaccinated international travellers without quarantine requirements from 1 July 2021.

For countries such as United Kingdom and United States it has become much more easier for you to enter Thailand.  For Australian’s let’s hope our government allows us to travel soon.

Things we need to do before arriving

Check your country is on the approved list to enter Thailand.  Travellers must travel from countries/territories approved by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CSSA), they must have been in the listed county for no less then 21 days before their travel date.   Travellers must travel on a direct flight to Phuket.

Travellers must register their travel via the designated system and have the following documents.

  • A certificate of Entry – COE (resort will provide this once accommodation is booked)
  • A medical certificate with a laboratory result by an RT-PRC method indicating that COVID-19 is not detected no more than 72 hours before their travel date.
  • Copy of an insurance policy in English covering healthcare and treatment expenses for COVID-19 per applicant for the whole duration in Thailand with coverage clearly identified as no less than US$100,000.
  • Copy of the payment confirmation for no less than 14 nights stay and RT-PCR tests at hotels approved by the MoTS or TAT. In the case that the length of stay is less than 14 days, travellers must present a confirmed flight ticket out of Thailand and payment confirmation for accommodation and RT-PCR tests at hotels that cover their intended duration of stay.
  • A certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 with a vaccine approved by the MoPH or the World Health Organisation (WHO) no less than 14 days before their travel date. Travellers under 18 years of age, travelling with their parents or guardians, must have a medical certificate with a laboratory result by an RT-PRC method indicating that COVID-19 is not detected no more than 72 hours before their travel date.


All travellers will enter screening and immigration customs procedures.  Travellers must be on a direct flight to Phuket.  On arrival travellers will follow the 7 step flow at Phuket International Airport.

The 7 steps on arrival to Phuket include;

1/ Body temperature check.  Must not be over 37.3 degrees celsius

2/ Wear Personal Protective equipment (PPE) You’ll be placed in a waiting are where an official will check your documents.

3/ Download and install alert application

4/ After your documents and app have been checked you’ll proceed to the Health Control area.

5/ Officials will check your documents.  Vaccine Passport, Insurance 100,00 USD Covid Cover and Lab testing results of negative Covid test.

6/ Then you’ll continue to Immigration area and show your COE, Visa and SHA+ booking.  Once processed by immigration you’ll then proceed to the baggage claim area.  Welcome to Phuket International Airport, collect baggage and follow the signs for Phuket Sandbox.

7/ Arrival Testing.  All passengers are required to get a Covid 19 test upon arrival at their own expense.  Testing is available at the airport testing facility.  Each Covid test is approx 2800 THB to 3500 THB. (between $120 – $150 AUD per person)  As time goes on it looks like they’ll be offering Covid swab test packages.

You’ll take the first Covid test at Phuket Airport and wait for test results at your resort accommodation.


Your stay

Travellers with the length of stay less than 7 days are required to take another test on Day 6 or 7, or as per the MoPH’s guidelines.

Travellers with the length of stays between 10-14 days are required to take the second test on Day 6 or 7 and the third test on Day 12 or 13, or as per the MoPH’s guidelines.

In the case that travellers are tested positive for COVID-19, travellers will be referred to specified healthcare facilities for medical treatment, for which the expenses must be covered by the required insurance.

Once test has come back negative for COVID-19, travellers can go anywhere in Phuket.

Travellers with an intended length of stay less than 14 days must leave Phuket (Thailand) immediately on an international flight to another country on or before their intended departure date.

Travellers who have completed 14 nights in Phuket will be allowed to continue their journey to other Thai destinations.

This info is correct as at 4 July 2021 and has been provided by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to get you back travelling so you can create more memories with your family and friends.

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