Top 15 Emergency items a Bride needs on her wedding day.


1/ Bag – It’s a good idea for the Bride to have a special bag to put her important items in that she made need after the wedding ceremony.  Delegate one person to take this bag from the room down to the ceremony for you.  If you don’t have a bag then usually the resort will provide a beach bag in the wardrobe you can use.


2/ Phone There is no where to fit a phone in a wedding or bridesmaid dress.  There is nothing worse then seeing an iPhone popping out the top of a dress in photos.  Pop them all in the bag and they can be handed out after the wedding ceremony.  Pop a phone charger in too, incase you need to charge your phone later in the night.


3/ Double sided tape – The last thing you need is a wedding dress malfunction.  Always have some back up double sided tape just in case.


4/ Speech – Whether your speech is written on paper or on your phone, pop it in the bag ready for the reception.  So often speeches are left behind in the room and its a mad rush for someone to run and find it.  If your speech is on your phone make sure you have enough battery.


5/ Lippy – incase you need to touch up your lippy during the night.


6/ Mints – Its a good idea to have some mints for after dinner.  Great way to keep fresh during the night.


7/ Deodorant & Perfume – Thailand is hot and humid all year round.  Take some deodorant just incase you need it after all that dancing.


8/ Safety Pins – You never know when you’ll need a safety pin.  If a strap breaks be prepared.


9/ Bandaids – If your heels start to hurt its good to have some bandaids on hand for your shoes.  Otherwise take a pair of flats to change into for all the dancing you will do at the reception.  Your feet will thank you in the morning.


10/ Room Key – Before you leave the room for the ceremony, delegate a person to grab the room key on the way out.  Especially if everyone is getting ready in the Brides room.  So many times we see the Bride and Groom standing in the lobby trying to get a new room key cut at the end of their reception.


11/ Tissues – Weddings bring out all the emotions.  Have tissues close by just in cause.


12/ Chalk – Great for stains on your dress. Maybe you have brushed past a tree, chalk is perfect to remove this.


13/ Heel stoppers – Depending on the height of your heels you may want to purchase heel stoppers for your shoes.  These will stop you from sinking into the lawn.  Take your wedding shoes to your rehearsal and practice walking down the aisle.  A lot of resort have steps to walk down, uneven paths then a grass wedding aisle.  Practice so its perfect on your wedding day.


14/ Panadol – Weddings days are long and you don’t need a headache to ruin your night.  Drink lots of water during the day, in between those Champers.


15/ Hair Ties – If you have had your hair down for the ceremony you may like a hair tie for the reception once you get on the dance floor.


Im sure there are many other items we could list but for this blog 15 is plenty.

Comment below if you have any other items Brides will need.


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