How do photographers work on your wedding day?

Photographers are happy to be a part of the most special day of your life and really thank you for choosing to use their photography and/or videography services.  Below are a few tips you can do to help them out and make your wedding day a success.

To help make the day run more smoothly let’s run through how the photographers work and what they need from you prior to the wedding day.

1/ Photographers work in an unobtrusive and quiet way for most of the day but if you need help they are more than willing and they can be loud when it is time to round the family up for group shots.

2/ As a Bride and Groom you have paid good money to have a professional photographer capture your wedding day.  It is a big peeve for photographers to have guests in the way with iphones, ipads or their own cameras.  It makes editing photos and video difficult especially when Nan is standing in the background of your ceremony with a large green ipad case in full view.  An ‘unplugged wedding’ is when you ask your family, friends and guest to turn off their phones, ipads, cameras and other digital distractions during the ceremony so you can all enjoy your wedding moment together without distractions.

3/ On your wedding day the photographers will arrive at the bride’s room to capture her and the girls getting ready. They photograph wedding details first so please prepare items on the bed so they can get straight to work, items may include, the shoes, veil, accessories, lingerie, gifts, perfume bottles & anything else that is symbolic to you as part of your wedding day.



4/ The photographers will then take photos of you having your hair and make-up done, capturing the moments leading up to the ceremony.

These shots are taken near the end of you being ready so you are looking your best.  Its best to allow at least 45 mins prior to your ceremony to attached your veil, put your shoes and and have a champagne with your Bridesmaids.  Your photographer will be there to capture these special moments before your ceremony.


5/ The photographer will then move to the groom’s room for some candid photos of the boys. The photographers will then aim to get to the ceremony venue/location and photograph the set-up before the guests start to arrive.  During the ceremony, photographers try their best not to stand in the way of guests or too close to you during the ceremony.


6/ If you have 2 photographers one will photograph the guests arriving and one will stay with the bride for those beautiful photos of final touches such as putting on the veil and capture all of the nervous, emotional moments as parent arrive.


7/ After the ceremony photographers give you 10-15 minutes for congratulations, toasting, hugs and kisses and any other scheduled events before group photos are taken. It is helpful if you prepare a list of what group photo’s you would like and hand to the MC to ensure that nobody gets left out.


8/ The photographers photograph throughout the reception with the exception of when guests are eating. It can often make people feel uncomfortable being photographed during this period, it is important that the photographers get to have a break so they generally have a quick meal during the time you and your guests are eating dinner, it is important to know that your photographers are still close by and paying attention so they can quickly jump up and take photo’s if anything exciting happens.

Please let the photographers know during the evening if there are any special photos that you want otherwise the photographers will continue with candid shooting of the evening.


9/ As you can imagine when photographing a wedding a lot of time and effort is spent touching up and editing photos so that you can have the best quality images to last a life time.

As such it is important to be aware that photos and videos will normally be delivered within 8-12 weeks from the wedding date. Please be mindful of this when awaiting your images.


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