From our experience it’s a good idea to delegate a family member or friend to do one last check before they leave the reception.  They can grab any items that have been left behind so they don’t go missing.

1/ Wedding Favors – You have spent time and money organising wedding favors for your guests and at the end of the night they forget to take them.  It’s a good idea to have some one collect the wedding favors and hand them out to guests at a later date.  Its always the next day when guests realise they forgot their favor.

2/ Shoes – The amount of shoes that are collected after a reception we could open a shoe store.  Collect all the shoes at the end of the night for guests to collect the day after the wedding.  Day after the wedding line up the shoes, post a photo and tell them to come and collect.

3/ Gifts – Its a good idea to have 2 family members collect the cards and gifts at the end of the reception.

4/ Personal items – If you have a special table set up with photos of  grandparents please make sure you take these photos with you at the end of the night.

5/ Wedding Certificate – Delegate a family member to take the Wedding Certificate and Guests book at the end of the night.

6/ Cake – There will be left over cake.  If you want to eat more cake the day after your wedding please make sure you arrange this prior to the reception.  It’s a good idea to discuss this at your pre wedding meeting.

7/ Sunnies – As the ceremony is held during daylight a lot of guests bring sunnies.  Many sunnies are left on tables at the end of receptions.

8/ Phones – You wouldn’t think guests would forget their phones,  but after an open bar at a wedding reception guests seems to forget many things.  Collect the phones and they’ll be looking for them the day after the wedding.

Your guests will have an amazing night at your wedding reception and more often then not they are heading back to their rooms with no shoes, no sunnies and no phone.  Least if you have delegated some to check at the end of the night guests can collect their items the day after the wedding.



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