Fiji Kids club Rated by kids

Fiji Kids club Rated by kids


I’m Maclaryn and I am 8 years old, I love snorkelling and all things shark related.

I can’t wait to turn 10y and do my scuba diving license in Fiji .

This is my sister Lila and she is 7. Lila loves unicorns and playing with baby dolls.

We have been going to Fiji since we were babies and we are here to tell you about the best kid’s clubs in Fiji and why

Malolo Island 

It is shaped like a treehouse, lots of nice people work there, they take you on excursions -like visiting a local school, we also got to go on banana rides which were so much fun! In the kids club it is also educational we learn about different types of corals, different species of fish and the Fijian language. At night we all get together and play beach games. They separate us into age groups and we play lots of different games. We love to go back to Malolo island and visit Api, Tia, Annie and Smelly Melly!

Castaway Island

This kids club is a lot of fun. They have lots of kids on the island, so they tend to split us up in age groups. We then get to play games and do crab races.  We also got to do a talent show here and sing our fave songs, which we both loved to do. Castaway Island also likes to look after and protect the environment they are environmentally friendly.

Vomo Island

When we first came to Vomo it didn’t have a kid’s club. We are so happy that it does now as it’s great. It even has a restaurant in kid’s club just for us kids. Kids village at Vomo island has lots of outdoor equipment to play and climb on. It has swings and a cubby house!

At night time they play movies in the air-conditioned kids village for us all to watch. We also get to learn lots about the marine life and the Fijian culture. One of our favourite things is Learning the Meke dance and performing this to the rest of the resort on The Lovo night. Vomo island offers a great bubble blowers program in the pool with the dive master. You get to wear the scuba gear and learn to breathe under water. We even played naughts and crosses at the deep end of the pool.


Lai-Lai adventure. Lailai in Fijian means little.This kids club is not just a room. It is really a meeting place where we gather and do fun activities. Some of these activities are zip lining, rock wall climbing, coral planting, river rafting, kayaking in the mangroves. We got to spend time with Kelly the marine biologist. She had us snorkelling in the pool and learning all the signals for the different types of sharks. We love learning about the underwater world.

Kokomo Island

Kids club here is lots of fun. It has access to its own swimming pool and great view of the resort. We got to play lots of board games, do under the sea canvas paintings, we also got to make our own shell characters. We were lucky to spend time with Hannah and Cliona who are the Dive instructor and marine biologist. It was here that we saw our first live shark whilst snorkelling. Snorkelling was really great here, so special. We saw so many great fish and corals and we ended seeing 6 small reef sharks.

Six Senses

This resort is brand new. Everything is so shiny.  They even have a pig called Sid. We loved Six Senses and their kids club. We got to plant coral, learn to sing Fijian Songs and we even made necklaces out of recycled cardboard.   At Six Senses they  really like to look after the environment,  there are  no plastic drinking straws or Water bottles on the island.  We got to go and visit a local village which was so much fun playing with the kids.


We love going to Fiji as we make so many friends with other kids holidaying but also with the Fijians. They are so much fun and love spending time with us.

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