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    Brendon Mahony

    Brendon Mahony

    Personal Travel Manager

    based-in Based in Albury, NSW

    T: 1300 782 967

    T: 0417 498 747

    E: brendon.mahony@travelmanagers.com.au

    Business Hours: 10 - 4.30 Mon - Fri, other times by appointment. 24/7 for emergencies

    I'm Brendon. My reward for booking your travel is your repeat business and referrals to family and friends. I take pride in delivering the travel experience you want and value your loyalty.

    About Me

    I enjoy the satisfaction of a clients joy in having a holiday come together. Ensuring that all of the small details are covered off and that nothing has been left undone is paramount. In 40 years in travel I have always maintained my enthusiasm in the profession by looking at my clients travel arrangements, whether it be leisure or corporate, as if it were my own arrangements that I was putting together. Holidays are dreams and a trip to the Gold Coast with your family and seeing the joy on your kids faces is just as satisfying and memorable as experiencing the breathtaking beauty of the Canadian Rockies or the dolce vita of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Listening to my clients requirements has always been,and will continue to be, paramount. Travel managers allows me the ability to book what best suits my client-not what best suits the buying group. So often we hear of booking mismatches because a client is booked on an airline or a tour that doesn’t suit their requirements but has been booked solely to meet targets or incentives. That’s doing your customer a real disservice. I want you to feel comfortable dealing with me and believe that with 40 years of runs on the board my reputation has stood the test of time.

    Cruise Co

    Where I've Travelled

    Italy. It just has so much to satisfy the most demanding traveller.History-thousands of years of existence. Architecture that almost defies comparison.We live in a truly remarkable country but our modern history is dwarfed by the magnificence of the museums, cathedrals etc that Italy has to offer. The culture that pervades through Italy is really an experience that can’t be described, it must be experienced. To walk through the piazza in any small village or town on any afternoon and to take in the sight of the old couples, dressed in their Sunday best-collar and tie with jacket, walking arm in arm or taking in a coffee or gelato really epitomizes what style and happiness is all about. And then there is the food, glorious food. Italian lives revolve around food and what food can provide in addition to being a staple of life. Food is family, food is love, food is life. Breakfast leads into lunch, lunch into dinner and each meal is an event. The family unit revolves around the growing of produce, the production of that produce, the preparation of that produce and the cooking and sharing in eating. The ties that are associated with food and families are the primary reason that families remain so tight knit right through the country. Food ties it all together. Italy does it for me!

    Destinations I'm Passionate About

    Italy, France, Spain, Vietnam

    Services I Provide

    Forty years in travel has given me great depth of knowledge to create your personal travel experience. I continue to learn, upgrade my travel knowledge and skills, increasing and improving my global network within the industry to ensure my recommendations are continually sound and at the forefront of what is occurring in travel.

    As your personal Travel Manager I offer:

    • Individual travel – business, professional, family, leisure; all tailored to you
    • Conference & event travel – both individual and group
    • Special event travel – luxury destination, special birthday, private villa, chefs etc
    • Small group tours

    I am flexible as to where and when we meet, professional in my business, respectful of your privacy and appreciative of your loyalty.



    Eating Vietnam - 1 May 2017

    Join our small group, this is one of our favourite destinations

    We adore Vietnam and while some parts are changing rapidly we continue to find places and experiences that bring you the true essence of Vietnam. The history, the people and the magnificent food will all be highlights along with comfortable travel, luxury accommodations and a small group of like-minded travelers. 20 nights, departing Albury/Sydney, 1 May 2017. As other destinations also beckon, this will likely be our last small group to Vietnam for some time.

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