Planning a Fiji Wedding?

Planning a Fiji Wedding?

Are you dreaming of a beach wedding in tropical paradise? Started looking at your options for a Fiji wedding but dont know where to start? It is all just too confusing and overwhelming?

Let me help!
In 2019 I will be offering a small guided trip to the sunny shores of Fiji, where you and your partner to be can view the resorts, sample their menus, check out their reception venues, and enjoy some live entertainment from the local talent you might be considering booking.
Planning a destination wedding can be time consuming, stressful and often leaves you feeling like you are chasing your own tail. What better way to help you decide and plan your Fiji wedding than to see it firsthand and have all of your questions answered
This small group tour will provide you with exclusive access to some of the most popular wedding destinations in Fiji. View their facilities, sample the menus, taste the wine – experience it all so you can feel confident on your big day.
If you are interested in finding out more, including early bird registration and prices, send me a message today.
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