Stop wasting time and money on airline cancellation fees!

Stop wasting time and money on airline cancellation fees!

Last minute cancellation and airline change fees are the bugbear of any business traveler. Whether you’ve planned weeks in advance or simply had to hop on a plane that morning – nothing slams the breaks on faster than facing hefty change fees, or worse, cancellation penalties from the airline.

In  many cases the best value fares are the most inflexible. Leaving you faced with one of two options:

  1. Book the best priced fare and cross your fingers
  2. Book a higher priced, more flexible fare and know that you’ll be paying less should the need arise.

Neither option seems to work very well when faced with the good old fashioned ‘what if’ factor. But believe me when I say, you really don’t have to spend hundreds on change fees, or simply write off the ticket as a loss because it all seems too expensive or too much work.

With the ability to instantly reprice a change to your flights, the first thing I can save you is time. No sitting on hold to the airline!  The second and most exciting thing I can save you is money. Not only will I let you know what the cost is for the option you are looking at, I’ll give the next best one to help you reduce the cost. Needing to cancel all together? Ticket non refundable? No problems! The airline may not provide you with a cash refund, but they can usually allow us to hold the value of the flight in credit – sometimes up to 12 months!

So whether you have snapped up a super saver fare, or booked in a fully flexible ticket, you dont have to be faced with a hefty change fee or cancellation fees if you’ve got the right person on your side.

Dont you think its time you got a Personal Travel Manager?

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I’m a Dubbo based personal travel manager with a passion for helping the little guy make their dollar go further. So whether you are a startup needing to city hop to get your product out there, an entertainment or performance group on tour with more bags than you can count, or even the local soccer team needing to make it to the Grand Final – I’m here to crunch the numbers and make it work.

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