Day 1: 04 May 2025 Arrive Beijing
Fly to Beijing, China’s historic capital.
Beijing – Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. With its
unequalled wealth of history, Beijing served as the centre for the many
different empires and cultures that ruled China and has been the heart of
politics and society throughout its long history. The ancient monuments, the
stories of days gone by as well as the dynamic and modern city Beijing has
become today, make it a destination not to be missed.
Meal: Dinner
Accommodation: Mercure Beijing (Superior Room) or similar


Day 2: 05 May 2025 Great Wall
Rise early this morning to avoid the crowds and drive approximately 2 hours
northwest of the city to the Juyongguan Pass to take a walk on the Great
Wall of China, appreciating the wall itself and the dramatic scenery. Your
visit involves walking from the bus to the first section. Once your group has
been given an introduction to the Great unique history, you will have
free time to explore at your own pace. Later, visit the Jade Factory before strolling through
the exquisite Summer Palace. The former holiday retreat of the Qing
emperors, the Summer Palace is a stunning example of Chinese garden style.
The Summer Palace incorporates the Fengshui notion of and
seen here with tranquil Kunming Lake and magnificent Longevity Hill.
A favourite resort of the Empress Dowager Cixi, the Summer Palace is home to a stunning Marble Boat and
the Long Corridor, one of the longest outdoor passageways in the world.
In the evening, dinner will be a traditional Peking duck.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Mercure Beijing (Superior Room) or similar

Day 3: 06 May 2025 Beijing
Begin today in Beijing’s symbolic heart with a stroll across Tiananmen square into the sprawling
magnificence of the Forbidden city. Entering
through the gate of Supreme Harmony, you will find a complex full of imperial treasures which offers an unsurpassed insight into China’s colourful past. Later, soak up the harmonious ambience of the Temple of Heaven. Set in a 267-hectare park surrounded by a long wall and with a gate at each compass point, the Temple of Heaven is absolutely unique. It is one of the
most perfect examples of Ming architecture, created as a place of worship
for the Emperors, who would ask for prosperity, longevity and good
harvest for the people. Walking through the park we will see the many
groups of local people that gather here every day to sing folk songs,
practice Tai-Chi and sword dancing, play chess or just come to sit and chat.
Optional: Price $TBA/pp
Chaoyang Acrobatic Show, the “flying acrobatic show” action packed with
outstanding feats, beautiful choreography, color and excitement. The show is
one of the favorite nightlife venue in the wondrous “City of Peking”.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Mercure Beijing (Superior Room) or similar

Day 4: 07 May 2025 Beijing Xian
This morning transfer to Beijing railway station for the bullet train to Xian, an illustrious age-old city, Xian is one of the
four great ancient capitals of China. It is also the capital of Shaanxi province and the starting point of the
fabled silk road with a history spanning 3,100 years.
On arrival in Xian, transfer to Muslim quarter which is the hub of Xian’s Islamic
community and is home to many stalls selling a myriad of snack foods
and delightful oriental knick-knacks. Transfer to the hotel for check-in and then dinner at local restaurant.
Optional: Price $TBA/pp
Shui Jiao dumpling dinner with Tang Dynasty dancing
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Novotel Xian SCPG (Superior Room) or similar

Day 5: 08 May 2025 Terracotta Warriors
Today visits the Terracotta Warriors. Housed in three immense hangars, the
ranks of the Terracotta Army stand sentinel in their Subterranean necropolis, constructed to protect China’s first emperor in the afterlife. Spend the
morning gazing over the ranks of warriors and horses, each one unique,
whilst your guide introduces you to these life-like soldiers fascinating story.
Also visit the workshop of the craftsmen who recreate the Terracotta
Warriors in the style of their ancient counterparts.
Stroll on the beautiful, preserved 14th century city walls that enclose Xian’s old
town. Dating back to the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century, Xian ancient city
wall is one of the best-preserved urban fortifications in China. The wall’s ideal
spot gives visitors a bird’s eye view over the city. (You can hire a bike at your expense).
If time permits, visit Little Wild Goose Pagoda, dating back to the Tang Dynasty,
the Little Wild Goose Pagoda is one of two prominent pagodas in Xian. A former centre for translating
Buddhist scriptures from India, the Little Wild Goose Pagoda was said to have
survived one of the strongest earthquakes in world history.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Novotel Xian SCPG (Superior Room) or similar

Day 6: 09 May 2025 Xian – Huanglong Jiuzhaigou (Nine Village Valley)
Check out of the hotel, “packed to go breakfast” & transfer to the airport for your flight from Xian to Jiuzhaigou at
06.45/08.25am (2 hours flight). It will take 1 hour drive from the airport to Huanglong Pools.
On arrival transfer to Huanglong pools where you will find hundreds of vivid
pools in striking colours, formed by thousands of years of mineral deposit, tumbling gently down
through the bright green forests of the Huanglong Valley. There is an option to take a chairlift
both up and down to allow more time for sightseeing at the top; the cost of this is at your
own expense. This area is at an altitude of 3,500m.
Then transfer from Huanglong pools to hotel around 2 hours drive.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Celebrity Jiuzhaigou Hotel (Standard Room) or similar

Day 7: 10 May 2025 Jiuzhaigou (Nine Village Valley)
Enjoy a full day exploring the diverse scenery of splendid Nine Villages Valley, China’s most
awe-inspiring National Park. A national park of ragged peaks,
sapphire lakes, abundant forest and rushing waterfalls, the Nine Village Valley,
Jiuzhaigou National Park is considered one of China’s most beautiful areas.
Named after the nine Tibetan settlements scattered through the valley, the
peak is a World Biosphere Reserve, full of endemic flora and 140 species of birds. You will spend 5 to 6
hours walking including Long Lake, Five Coloured Lake and Nuorilang Falls.
Walking today will be approximately 5-6 hours on some uneven and slippery
terrain which requires extra care whilst walking. It is strongly advised that you
wear sturdy footwear with ankle support if needed.
Dinner at the Hotel.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Celebrity Jiuzhaigou Hotel (Standard Room) or similar

Day 8: 11 May 2025 Jiuzhaigou (Nine Village Valley) – Chengdu
After breakfast, we check out from the hotel & transfer to Zhenjiangguan station for the bullet train to Chengdu
On arrival visit Jinli pedestrian street, this pedestrian street is well
presented and historically relevant to locals and a brilliant spot for tourists
to stroll along in the day and night. The street is about 550metres long. It
is part of the temple of Marquis, and the building are in the Qing Dynasty
Then visit Anshun Bridge before heading to the hotel for check in. Anshun bridge is
a landmark site in Chengdu and the nightscape is stunning here, so it is
recommended to arrange a visit in the evening or during the sunset when
you can be fully immersed in the laid-back ambiance.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Dorsett Chengdu Hotel (Dorsett Room) or similar

Day 9: 12 May 2025 Chengdu – Guilin
After breakfast and we check out of the hotel & transfer to Chengdu station for the
bullet train to Guilin 08.50am-14.43pm (6hours). Guilin is one of China’s
most stunning and panoramic cities and was founded during the reign of the
Qin Dynasty. It is renowned for the unique karst mountain beauty that
encloses the city. Guilin developed as a trading town due to the building of
the Ling Canal which links the important Pearl and Yangtze River system.
On arrival in Guilin visit The Sun and Moon Pagoda, the  twin pagodas are a
landmark in Guilin, where you can enjoy the picturesque night view of Guilin. It
is also known as gold and silver pagodas. It is firstly built in the Tang Dynasty
and rebuilt in 2001.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Lijiang Water Fall Hotel (Standard Room) or similar

Day 10: 13 May 2025 Guilin – Yangshuo
Take a relaxed gentle cruise along the Li River to the charming village of Yangshuo where around every river bend is a view to take your breath away as jagged peaks loom over rural scenes of lush greenery, grazing buffalos and local fishermen. These are small cruise boats usually holding approximately 100 Passengers:
with an enclosed dining area on the lower deck and an open viewing area on the upper deck. As it is so popular, there are generally many boats at the docks please be reassured that the cruise itself will be scenic and relaxing as the boats cruise past un-spoilt countryside. Disembarking from the cruise, your Local Guide will walk with you to your hotel, approximately a 15-minute walk from the river. Take a walk in the idyllic countryside of Yangshuo this afternoon.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Mehood Hotel -Yangshuo Wubu Small Town (Standard Room) or similar

Day 11: 14 May 2025 Yangshuo – Guilin – Zhangjiajie
After breakfast, we check out of the hotel, travel to Moon Hill – a huge piece
of rock with a moon-shaped hole in its center. The 800 marble stairs called
“Appreciating Moon Path” can lead you to the top of the the hill and get a closer view of the Moon cave.
Transfer from the hotel to Guilin station (1.5-2 hours). Bound for the bullet train to Zhangjiajie 14.38- 22.09 pm (7.5hours).
On arrival transfer to hotel for check in.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Expert Village Courtyard Hotel (Standard Room) or similar

Day 12: 15 May 2025 Zhangjiajie
Enjoy a full day exploring  Zhangjiajie National Park.
A scenic area of over 3,000 sandstone pillars, rising from misty folds of subtropical forest and cloaked in
vibrant green vegetatian, Zhangjiajie’s striking beauty is unforgettable. Ravines and gorges, streams and
waterfalls and a plethora of endangered plants and animal species complete this idyllic scene.
Starting at Yuanjiajie Avatar Mountain (take the Bailong elevator up) and Emperor Mountain (take the cable car down). Also head to Ten-Mile Natural Gallery. You will be walking for approximately 4-5 hours in the National Park today.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Expert Village Courtyard Hotel (Standard Room) or similar

Day 13: 16 May 2025 Zhangjiajie – Shanghai
Today visit Tianmen Fairy Mountain, climb the stairways to Heaven’s Door.
One of the most beautiful mountains in the world. The stunning views
including “Heavens Door” the 99 bends and vertical cliffs.
Zhangjiajie Glass Grand Canyon is famous for the World’s longest and
highest Glass Bridge, which is about 430 meters long and hangs 300 meters high over the valley. It provides a superb panorama of the entire Grand Canyon, standing on it, is like floating in the air.

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Shanghai 19.20/21.15pm.
Fly to the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai.
On arrival transfer to hotel for check in.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Central Hotel Shanghai (Business Room) or similar

Day 14: 17 May 2025 Shanghai
Today’s explorations include the peaceful Yu Garden, the atmospheric alleys of the old
town. Where cobbled streets are lined with traditional shops selling herbal medicine,
handicrafts, Chinese tea and a variety of tantalising snacks while the Yu Garden is seen
as one the most perfect examples of Chinese garden style. Yu Garden is home to exquisite jade rock, koi-filled ponds and stunning, tranquil pavilions. Admire the magnificent colonial architecture with a stroll along the Bund, before visiting the Silk Factory.

The Bund – Recognized as Shanghai’s former ‘Wall Street’, the Bund is home to an impressive collection of buildings from the early trade houses of the 1850s to the glamorous Art Deco modernism of the 1920s. Originally the home of the foreign population of Shanghai, the Bund’s architecture has inherited much western influence and is a stark contrast to the Pudong skyline, sitting across the Huangpu River.

Silk Factory – The Silk Factory is an educational journey through the production of silk, one of China’s most famous and luxurious materials. Learn about the use of silkworms and silk moths in its production; the manufacturing process; as well as silk’s journey along the Silk Road.

In the evening, view the city from the Huangpu River on a panoramic cruise.  The Huangpu River flows through the centre of Shanghai and separates the city into Pudong, meaning ‘East of the Huangpu’ and Puxi, ‘West of the Huangpu’. Cruising down the river, you will see the contrast of the historical Bund architecture on one side of the river with the modern Pudong skyline on the other side. At night, the banks of the Huangpu light up, turning Shanghai into a neon wonder.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Central Hotel Shanghai (Business Room) or similar


Day 15: 18 May 2025 Depart Shanghai
After breakfast we check out of the hotel. You will be transferred from your hotel to Longyang Road Station
for the Maglev train to Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
Meal: Breakfast





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