FAQ's - Does Travel Insurance cover COVID-19?

FAQ's - Does Travel Insurance cover COVID-19?


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In this short video, we look at my personal view on Travel Insurance in relation to COVID-19. It is a tricky subject as some policies were (and still are) suspended for purchase and the inclusions and exclusions are currently being modified by the Insurance companies. Therefore, it makes it hard to compare policies at the moment. It’s important to always read the full Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) of any policy to determine if it suits your needs. All images are my own, taken on my many travels all over the world.



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Does Travel Insurance cover COVID-19?


The short answer is no.

Most policies, if not all now, have exclusion clauses for pandemics and the like. And most of them always have. The reputable companies didn’t just decide to stop covering pandemics when COVID hit, it’s just that this type of cover has never been relevant to us before.


But Travel Insurance is still important for many reasons, like:

  • other medical conditions
  • covering your hire car excess
  • natural disasters and bad weather
  • lost luggage
  • your car breaking down on the way to the airport


If you are travelling, even domestically, Travel Insurance is still a highly recommended component of your trip.


And the good news is, Insurance companies are currently re-evaluating their policies for inclusions and exclusions. So, hopefully moving forward there will be cover in some capacity for COVID-19.


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