FAQ's - When will border restrictions be lifted?

FAQ's - When will border restrictions be lifted?


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In this short video we chat about my personal views on border restrictions. It is a tough question, as the goal posts seem to be always moving further back! My hope is that we can all work together to get though this uncertain time as safely as possible. All images are my own, taken on my many travels all over the world.



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When will border restrictions be lifted?


This is the million-dollar question!

The truth is: no one knows.

There are too many moving factors in play and too many people trying to steer the ship – all with zero experience with a pandemic – for a definite timeline to be advised.


To be successful, everyone in Australia needs to be on the same page – the public & the politicians. We need everyone to work together, Australia as a whole, to work out the best way to move forward.

No more blaming or shaming, just honest communication and kindness for one another.


Industry experts estimate that domestic travel will resume towards the end of 2020, for a busy early 2021. International travel will take a little longer, with March 2021 being looked at for “safer” countries and June 2021 for those with a higher COVID-19 risk. But this could all be thrown out the window if outbreaks get worse or individual Governments enforce stricter guidelines for their state or country. Obviously, we hope it will be safer to travel sooner, rather than later!


To emerge together on the other side of this, ideally, we’ll stop chasing our tails and focus on learning to live in a world with the virus as safely as we can.

There is always risk in life, in everything we do, unfortunately, COVID-19 is another thing to be aware of now. Hopefully the Government realises soon that keeping us locked up forever is not the answer.


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