FAQ's - Why is travel important?

FAQ's - Why is travel important?

Answering all your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) relating to travel

In this short video we look at why travel is so important, to me in particular. All images are my own, taken on my many travels all over the world. There have been so many wonderful memories and so many moments while travelling that have changed me – it was hard to compile it all into a 1 and a 1/2 minute video!



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Why is Travel Important?


This is a completely personal reason or feeling, so it’s going to be different for everyone.

For me, travel is a challenge, an escape, a privilege and is hugely rewarding.


I love visiting the iconic sights and doing all the top tourist things in a new country – which usually seem to involve some sort of intense workout to get to…why is that? But, it is so satisfying when you make it to the top of all those stairs to take in the incredible view!


I also love just sitting and watching the world go by or getting lost in alleyways, discovering those hidden gems of the destination. I remember getting lost in Venice for hours and not even being mad! It was so lovely wandering along all the different canals and eventually the friendly locals helped me find my way!


Travel is about trying new things, meeting new people and experiencing a new or different way of life. It changes you for the better and can make you appreciate how fortunate we are in Australia.

It can be uncomfortable and confronting, but ultimately worthwhile, creating everlasting memories.


The feelings, sounds and even smells from your travels never leave you and now form part of who you are. Every time I hear ‘Africa’ by Toto my heart swells and I am immediately back in Africa on jeep riding through the Serengeti…


I cannot wait to get back out there and continue exploring our wonderful world.

My journey is far from over!


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Great Wall of China

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