Top 5 Lost Baggage Tips

Top 5 Lost Baggage Tips

Lost baggage – we’ve all been there, right? That exciting feeling of finally stepping off the plane, eager to start your adventure…but first you have to visit the ‘baggage carousel of chance’. You’re waiting and hoping your bag is not the last to come through and then it doesn’t come through at all. Cue panic!

Don’t despair, all is not (usually) lost. Keep reading to find out how to find your bag quickly if it does go missing and even limit the chances of it happening again.


1) Make your bag stand out

All bags look alike nowadays. Make yours stand out by using ribbons, fabric, patterned duct tape, etc to wrap around the handles to help you identify your bag and lessen the chance of someone mistaking it for theirs. Take a picture of the inside and outside of the bag so you can easily show Airport staff what it looks like, if need be.


2) Use bag tags

Tags are so important, yet hardly used or completed with full contact details. Have one inside the bag too, in case the outside one comes off. This will enable the airline to get a hold of you and send the bag to you faster. And if you have an iPhone, why not try using an Apple AirTag to keep track of your bag?


3) Check the bag tag

I know you’re in a hurry to get where you’re going, but even if looks like your bag read the tag – twice! And preferably before you leave the terminal.


4) Lost Baggage Claim

If your bag doesn’t show up, lodge a claim at the airport as soon as you realise. The more information you provide, the easier it is to match the bag and get it to the correct destination. Here is a list of important info to include:

  • the routing of any flights you took to get to your final destination, especially if you switched air carriers or travelled internationally.
  • a description of your bag, including the type (eg: roller bag, duffle, roller duffle), colour and anything that makes the bag stand out (this is where ribbon, duct tape, and custom name tags come in handy).
  • a list of the contents, including any specific items, such as green Converse shoes. This helps if the bag tag rips off and there is no tag inside the bag.

For example, a description like “a blue hard side roller bag with neon green duct tape on handle. Contents include black Metallica tee-shirt and a pair of red Nike shoes” has a better chance of finding its owner quicker than “a blue roller bag with clothes”.


5) Let the Airline know where to find you

Keep your forward destination details updated with the airline and on WorldTracer*. This is the world’s only fully global baggage tracing and matching system. It provides a solution for reporting and repatriating mishandled bags allowing customers to locate their lost baggage anywhere in the world. Most bags are returned within 48 hours.


Sometimes you can do all of these things and your bag can still go missing. It’s always good practice to have a spare change of clothes in your carry-on luggage and keep your Travel Insurance contact details handy so you can start a claim, should it come to that.


Hopefully, these tips help you on your next trip.

Happy Travels!



*TravelManagers has no affiliation with WorldTracer in any way and accepts no liability for any protentional loses or issues that may occur if you chose to use their service.


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