Review Tiger Airlines economy class MEL-SYD TT256

The last time I flew Tiger Airlines from Tullamarine I checked into what only can be described as a drafty tin shed at Terminal 4.

After a massive overhaul, and Jetstar now sharing the terminal space I was pleasantly surprised to see that Terminal 4 has entered the 21st century. Don’t worry if you didn’t have time prior to your arrivalto grab a bite to eat, there are now loads of restaurants and shops at your disposal.

Now to the airline.

I checked in for my flight online 3 days prior to travel which was an easy process. As I only had carry on, I was instructed to be at the gate at 4pm. Luckily the aircraft was departing from Gate 20 (a 5 minute walk from the main area). Please be very mindful of this when travelling Tiger or Jetstar. If your gate is not 12-20 it will take you at least 10-15 minutes to get to the other gates!

Upon arrival at gate 20, as with all airlines it was very busy with people lining up to board the flight. There were Tiger Airlines staff with portable scales weighing everyones bags to make sure that the 7kgs onboard carry on was not exceeded.

I smugly placed my new Michael Kors duffel bag onto the scales, knowing that I had been very careful in not exceeding the strict 7kgs carryon. Yep – perfect, just under 7kgs! ‘Excuse me ma’am’ said the lovely chap from Tiger Airlines, ‘could you also please place your handbag on the scales?’ Ummmmm what!! Anyone who knows me well, is aware that I don’t travel lightly, and my handbag generally contains everything but the kitchen sink!! Uh-oh.. after all of my careful planning, off I went to the service counter to pay the additional $35.00…for my handbag!!! Live and learn folks, your handbags will be weighed if you are flying with Tiger!

Also please be mindful when travelling with seniors and young children, Tiger generally board their planes from the front and rear of the aircraft, however you do need to walk across the Tarmac and climb stairs like you’re travelling in 1956.

Once finally seated in row 18 seat E, now I could relax and enjoy the flight. (I do love sitting on a plane!) I hadn’t pre ordered any refreshments, however I did enjoy the inflight service by the friendly crew. You can download the Tiger Airlines entertainment app prior to boarding on your device. (Tigertainment) To activate this you may purchase a $3.00 voucher for TV or $7.00 voucher for movies from the cabin crew.

We landed in Sydney 40 mins after our scheduled ETA after a slight delay.

All in all – not a bad experience. Would I fly them again? Absolutely for the $59.00 it cost to fly from Melbourne to Sydney. what a bargain!!

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