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I was born and raised in Portugal. I grew up in the country’s capital, Lisbon.  I’ve always travelled around the country when I was child. I loved to visit all the different regions in the country and talk to different people, learn about their costumes and eat different foods.  Portugal has a very rich History and that translates in almost everything there, from the gastronomy to the architecture and even language. Down south you have Moorish influences, while up north you will find Celtic ones. There is also Roman presence in the country from north to south.

But if discovering Portugal was quite amazing for me growing up, I needed more. I wanted to discover the world.  I needed to discover other countries, learn their cultures, eat their food and if possible, even try to learn their language.

I stared by Portuguese speaking countries, which I thought was the best option for a good start. In 2001 I moved to Cape Verde. It is a beautiful archipelago. I’ve been in most of its islands and I loved the culture and the people there. I lived there for about 2 years.  During this period I’ve also visited Brazil, I’ve been in the northeast of the country which I also loved.

Then I moved back  to Australia, another great country with wonderful culture and food. I’ve been living in Australia for more than 20 years and I certainly call Australia home. I’ve been around the country and discovered all the beautiful places we have to offer. But I always kept travelling overseas. I’ve been to a lot country in the world, Europe, USA, Asia.  And I will continue travelling so I can discover more and more countries that I haven’t seen before.

I’ve started my career as a Travel Agent in Lisbon, before moving to Peth. I did a Hospitality Management Course at Escola Hoteleira do Estoril, Portugal and when I moved to Perth I also did a Travel Management Course at TAFE in Perth. This gave me the tools I needed to help people who were as passionate about travel as I am to have great experiences and travel the world just like I did.

There is no doubt in my mind that without this love for travelling and great passion for knowing new places and cultures I would never be able to be a travel agent. As a travel agent I can pass on all the good experiences I’ve had to my clients, helping them have great holiday experiences as well I did before them.

I’ve been a travel agent for more than 20 years and I like to use my experience and knowledge to give my clients the best holiday possible. I like to know their requirements and create their dream holidays. I believe it is very important to know what the client needs to give them the best.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a family holiday, a seniors group or a big company business trip. I guess the most important is that you now your client and you know what your client needs, then you just have to make sure you create a great experience tailor made for them.

Along these 20 years of experience I worked as Manager for a Travel Agency in Cape Verde,  I was also the Manager of Christmas Island Travel and I owned my own Travel Agency called Splash Travel.  This gave great knowledge of the industry and also an understanding of people’s travelling needs which are what I use when I prepare their travel arrangements.

Services I Provide

You can contact me for all types of travel arrangements. I can book your trips to all destinations.  I can book flights, accommodation and I can also offer very competitive package deals. I pay a lot of attention to detail, so I make sure than when you book your trip with me you will get great service, with all you need. I’m hardworking and honest and I treat everyone’s booking as my own. Dealing with complex bookings is not a problem for me, I’ve done that all my life and I love the challenge.

My speciality is catering for Multicultural Communities. I like to organise their travel home and beyond.  When people want to plan their holidays back home, they always want be sure they can spend as much time as possible with their relatives so it is very important to get them the best flights with the least waiting times. I’m aware of that so I always make sure I get them the very best flights available in the market.

I also like to coordinate travel groups. I’ve been organising Seniors Communities’ trips and Cruises for quite a while and it is something I love doing.  I’m fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and that helps me doing my job and assisting my clients the best possible way.

I’m also aware of today’s way of life, and I know people don’t have much time to spend with travel agencies or even the famous Internet research. So I believe being flexible it’s plus not only for me but most importantly to my clients, who can book their holidays at their own pace with no delays or time consuming searches.

I can meet you for a coffee somewhere during your lunch time, while I book your next holiday or business trip. You can also contact me either by phone or on the email and let me know your travel plans, I will certainly get back to you with a great deal tailor made just for you.

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Be inspired, discover fascinating destinations and read our top travel tips
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