Norfolk Island - Back to Earth

Norfolk Island - Back to Earth

Norfolk is like no other place I have been to before.  Just a short hop from Sydney this hidden gem awaits you.  This unique island is breathtakingly beautiful and amazingly diverse.

Captain Cook set foot on the island on the island in 1774.  Norfolk Island was the only island in all of his travels he called paradise on earth.

Accommodation on Norfolk varies quite a lot, from hotel rooms in resorts to small apartment style, some homes, mostly privately owned.  Ranging from 2 to 4 stars you can choose from being close to town or being a little further out opting for a magical view instead.

As most properties are self-catering this will mean that people can either purchase groceries and goods from the local supermarket, butcher, baker etc or cook in-house or if you do decide to eat out, most of the restaurants are in town, but only a 5 minute drive away.  The alcohol drink driving limit in Norfolk is still .08.  There is one policeman on the island.

Norfolk islands own language is a fusion of old English and Tahitian.  Norfolk is spoken widely throughout the island and is recognized by UNEZCO as being an endangered language.  Language classes are held weekly on a Monday in town with Gaye she teaches a fun way to learn of the local words and meanings.

Norfolk’s unique culture is expressed in many ways.  A great way to learn about the history is to visit the Cyclorama.  This 360” painting is absolutely awesome.  This is one of the most visited places on Norfolk.  Many people like to walk through the gardens, visit the Cyclorama and then follow for dinner or lunch at Hilli’s Restaurant & Café which is next door.

Joining one of the island tours you can enjoy island dancing and enjoy the traditional tasting of the traditional Norfolk Island foods.  The Fish Fry is one of the best activities to do on the island.  The locals catch the fish in the morning and it is freshly cooked that very evening.  Other great nights are the Life as a Convict tour (many laughs to be had), Murder Mystery Dinner, Progressive Dinner – 3 courses of tasty home cooked meals in locals homes, bring your own wine and a great night is to be had.  Day trips include Pitcairn Pioneers tour, cooking glasses and many others.  There are many different ways that you can get around the island, the most popular being car hire. It’s a great way to get around to all the sites.  Perhaps a rally car race is a fantastic idea to be put on the agenda – just like The Great Race to discover and rediscover the special places of this isle.

Norfolk Island is steeped in history.  At the historic town of Kingston visitors are invited to roam around the atmospheric ruins that overlook the coast line.  You will find that many of the fun activities relate back to the history of Kingston and its surrounds.

There is actually such diversity on Norfolk Island that it is up to you as to what type of holiday you want and the great thing about it is that most of these things cost you nothing!  With a holiday to Norfolk Island you will learn something.  It is not just the pretty beaches, the parks and lookouts.  Do not be surprised if a local sitting next to you asks “where are you from? ” or “where are you going?” They are genuinely interested in talking with you and want you to have a good time.  They want you to know how proud they are of this beautiful place.

A great way to see another aspect of the island is by charter boat exploring the many bays and inlets.  Norfolk is the home to turtles, whales and an abundance of fish can all be seen.

A number of fine art galleries can be found throughout the island.  Norfolk Island is a wonderfully diverse place to take photographs because you have landscape, wildlife, and nature, beautiful cliffs, beautiful seascapes, lovely wooded areas, great architecture, great history.

Norfolk Island is a fairly self-sufficient place. Good wholesome local food is grown all over the island.   Many eateries have their own kitchen garden and minimal foods are imported.  In amongst the fig trees the restaurant Norfolk Blue grows its own beef.  From Paddock to plate at less than 1 km food miles where the animals are happy, treated well and produce a real tasty feed.  The Olive Grove in town is a great meeting place is a lovely menu of trendy treats.  The Golden Orb is a place to relax and chill out for breakfast, light meals, morning and afternoon tea & Dino’s licensed restaurant is set in a historic island home has won many awards for his cuisine.

Norfolk island has many events throughout the year includes:- Country music fest, Jazz in the Pines, golf, rugby, tennis & Bounty Bowls tournaments. It is a great place for groups, families and is one of the most welcoming places.  The weather is good, the food good, and the local people are great.

The many hidden treasures are what give Norfolk it’s character.  This place is as much a journey as much as a must see destination.  For anyone who enjoys relaxation and adventure for the young at heart, group travelers and especially families.  I think it is the most beautiful place with a history and I am sure you will think the same as soon as you step of the plane and spend a few days.

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