How Travel reconnects you and your family

How Travel reconnects you and your family

As we all get caught up getting busier and busier in our day to day lives we miss that connection with our family that we get when we are away travelling together. As a family, we live in the same house, we see each other every day but how much do we actually sit down together with no distractions and talk, share ideas and compliment each other?

It was through my most recent trip with my family that this has come to light, while travelling and being away from our day to day lives of work, house renovations, school, sports etc, we really did reconnect. Making the most of time spent in the car getting to the next destination, or sitting around a campfire at night and reflecting on what was experienced that day. With no TV or even phone reception in some locations forcing us to switch off the technology, it really made me focus on what is important. The kids enjoyed exploring their surroundings, being outside, learning and reading about what was going to be experienced tomorrow. It is these moments that will last a lifetime and be remembered for the rest of your life.

I know that travelling with the family and kids can be challenging at times and this is why it’s best to get great advice from myself, with so much experience not only in the travel industry, but to also take the stress out of the organisation so we can all focus on what is important to us, our family and the lifetime of memories that we will create together. Cherish these moments and every day.

Thank you, Pam, Phil, Kayla, Jade and Oliver

Pamela Battle
Based in Wallsend, NSW

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