About me

My career in Travel started with B.O.A.C (now British Airways) in 1966 after completion of Teacher’s Diploma.
I worked with B.O.A.C until 1970 and then joined American Airlines who started for the first time in Australia.

This increased my overseas knowledge as American was a progressive company sending their staff all over the World. I started my family in 1971 and went back to Teaching until 1983 so I have the experience of traveling with children.

I returned to the travel industries and joined Gosford Travel Centre in January 1983; staying at and working for the same agency until January 2008.
Gosford Travel successfully focused on personal Travel for Corporate and High level Leisure Travel clients with a 60/40 Corporate/Leisure ratio; the agency sold 2005.

New ownership in 2005 changed their focus from Corporate Travel to General mixed Travel.
The opportunity to join Travel Managers arose in February 2008 allowing me to provide expertise and competent service lacking for corporate accounts. This move was particularly encouraged by my corporate clients as they were looking for the personalized service they had previously enjoyed rather than being just one of many customers.

This presented an exciting opportunity for me to provide my personal service and work ethics to my clients.

I have 30 years experience with corporate clients in fares and ticketing; taking the hassle out of fare rules and best and advising the most economical routing for multiple destination travel both financially and time wise are my strengths.
After many years of booking varied destinations I have an extensive practical knowledge of holiday travel and client reference of where to go and what to afford. This is backed by many years of personal travel to many destinations.

Where I've Travelled

As my son has lived in America for the last 8 years I know USA very well from driving and following his baseball career. I have travelled by car just about all over the states. I can drive California blind folded.

Canada – Scenic route of Vancouver, Whistler, Jasper, Banff, etc

Europe – Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, England, Ireland, Scotland etc.

Asia – Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia

Pacific- New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu

After 30 years in the travel industry you can know a place without even going there. Talking to other industry professionals and clients who have been to a certain destination and extensive research allows me to keep up to date with the latest information and pass on this wealth of knowledge to my clients. These little snippets of information that aren’t covered in the brochures can be the key to a truly unique trip.

Services I Provide

  • Corporate Availability – I am available 24/7 for corporate clients taking the stress out of sudden changes to  business schedules, especially when you are overseas with varied time zones.
  • Holiday and Leisure – I am available 24/7 to assist my clients unable to fit work schedules into travel agents office hours.
  • Discretion – Travelers of all types can feel confident with their privacy of travel and financial arrangements. I am totally committed to you, my client.


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Be inspired, discover fascinating destinations and read our top travel tips
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