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“You deserve a Personal Travel Manager” – If you travel and seek a professional to look after you, please read on…….

I love people, being flexible and am creative and organised by nature. I desire to travel to anywhere. Being a Personal Travel Manager has been one of the highlights within my career allowing me to be me. During my 26 years working in travel I have worked among airlines, tour operators, hotels, inbound and outbound conferencing, group travels, tour leading, corporate travel and my own business with TravelManagers. Although I have not touched down on every place in our world, my experience and passion can help make travel dreams come true to every part of the world.

My TravelManager clients hale from around the country, distance makes no difference regards to bookings with today’s technology firmly in place. We communicate really well and it works comfortably and efficiently.

Having been lucky to travel as a child, my love grew and grew from there. I was also an exchange student to Thailand where my love of spicy food, language, people and culture was totally fulfilled. Whilst living with a Thai family and attending the local Thai school I engrossed myself in being as “local” as I could and returned home speaking  fluent Thai, itching to dance Thai style, and was possibly a little overweight for my bodyframe – it was good food man!

Then in my early 20’s I flew over to London to work, travel (and play). I visited many different countries in Europe during this time whilst returning to London after each trip to work some more to travel some more. I also spent a ski season in a town called Winter Park in Colorado, USA living “La Vida Loca” as well as further time in South Africa travelling all over the country (loving it so much I went back to live in Jo’burg for nearly a decade).

All my travels were crazy, crazy fun and educational at the same time filled with some pretty amazing memories and friendships which are locked in for life. I shared various accommodations with multiple people from all parts of the globe, I backpacked, rode buses, trains, taxis, I had a hitchhiking race from north to south of Italy, I flew  many different airlines, slept on beaches (and was escorted off beaches!), shared a van with friends around Europe, hopped on organised tours around Europe and the UK,  ran with the bulls, climbed that Great Chinese Wall, skipped the streets of Paris, stood in pole position in Monaco, skied on fabulous powder snow in Colorado, held up the Leaning Tower in Pisa, was a breath away from orangutans in Borneo, swam, dived and sung songs in Fiji with the incredible local people, had fun “braai’s” (bbq’s) in the African bush whilst viewing the wildlife, ate amazingly diverse food, partied way too hard at Octoberfest in Munich, scuba dived with whale and ragged tooth sharks in South Africa, and sailed in incredible places. So much more.

On yet another dimension of my travels however I stayed in 5 star hotels, was wined and dined by friends, flew first & business class, wore amazing clothing, rode in limousines, was treated like royalty and lived  a great life. It makes me emotional just remembering how lucky I  have been to experience all that I have. At the end of the day, I made it happen and that it certainly did, it all happened! I am a lucky girl.

Those who know me well, know that I truly get a great buzz connecting with people from all walks of life, all ages and simply adore what I do. I crave knowledge and peace and if we can travel for the rest of our lives in search of what we want to know, what we want to see and who we want to meet, how awesome is that. I celebrate the diversity of our world, its uniqueness, its independence and its true beauty.

“Have travel in your life, have smiles in your heart” Penny Hall


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Where I've Travelled

I have travelled near and far.Yes perhaps an old cliche, but indeed I have.
Every second of every experience is ingrained inside me.
Every country visited gives me new appreciation.
Every challenge presented makes me stronger.
Every cultural experience makes me understand more.
Every piece of new food makes my tastebuds and body dance.
Every new person I meet gives warmth and new friendships (and hope of unity)
For I have not been everywhere, but I am certainly trying.

Australia: all States

Asia: Thailand, Malaysia/Borneo, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Indonesia(Bali)

South Pacific: Fiji

Cruising South Pacific: Aboard Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas: Mystery Island, Isle of Pines, Vanuatu, Noumea

Great Britain: England,  Scotland, Wales

Europe:Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Croatia

U.S.A. Los Angeles, New York, Colorado, Chicago Michigan, Kansas City Missouri, San Diego, Las Vegas

Africa: Mozambique, South Africa

Indian Ocean Islands: Comores

On the immediate wishlist:  Vietnam, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland



Services I Provide

Why you should use a Personal Travel Manger:
Firsthand experience and travel expertise to save you time with a full booking service and access to competitive rates with thousands of trusted travel providers.

 Industry standard reservation technology at my fingertips.
 A mobile travel service meeting you at a location & time that is convenient to YOU.
 24/7 support whilst you are away.
 Emergency contact for family/friends/colleagues back home.
 Access to up-to-date information on visas, travel advisories and health information.
 Travel Insurance options.
 Helpful tips and advice which can save you time and money.
 Travel as individual as you are. Tailormade travel plans to suit your needs, every time.
 The benefit of booking with a passionate, committed and efficient travel professional with first-hand destination knowledge.
 I will take care of you every step of the way.

For example: I met my client at her hairdressers to discuss her travel plans. She was thrilled I could fit into her schedule.

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Be inspired, discover fascinating destinations and read our top travel tips
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Penny Hall
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