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Love it when I can share a little of what I do and from a different angle. Speaking with Kate from Travel Monitor, I have been able to share a little about me and what I do! Check it out!




What do you enjoy most about your profession?

I have always worked in customer service based industries, and I love travel. While it’s hard work and long hours in my own business, for me it doesn’t feel like work. I absolutely love designing the perfect getaway for clients. People often ask if it’s depressing to always be working on travel itineraries – not at all! It’s more like playing for me than actual work. Think about it – as I sit here putting together getaways for foreign cities and adventures, it takes me away mentally on these fabulous journeys. My job entails researching – whether it’s for the most ideal way around the world to tick off bucket list items, or the perfect mountain retreat, hideaway, secluded beach or idyllic table at a romantic restaurant on a cliff facing a spectacular view halfway round the world… have I taken you there? Can you see it in your mind? See! It’s amazing!

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