TELL ME… the secret to sharing your travel recommendations

TELL ME… the secret to sharing your travel recommendations

Some of you may be wondering why I did my latest series of social media posts, titled TELL ME? The answer is pretty simple. As your Personal Travel Manager, I am genuinely interested in your opinions & recommendations.

  • How do you like to travel?
  • Where do you prefer to stay?
  • What are your personal preferences for airline, hotel, tour company?

These form the basis of my business and by asking the important questions, I help you narrow down the choices for your holiday.

Annette's favourite Asian City

BANGKOK – Annette’s favourite Asian City


There are literally millions of different ways to book a holiday. Seriously, the internet is quite amazing! With various booking engines, websites, online travel agents and properties directly marketing their deals to customers, often there is too much choice!!

As an agent, I too have so many choices as to who I book with. I love supporting tour companies and accommodation directly where possible, but often I deal with large industry wholesalers that have huge buying-power and therefore, often the best deals. However, did you know, who I book with is wholly dependent on what my client needs and wants are.

  • Do you want the cheapest deal?
  • Do you want specialist knowledge of a destination?
  • Do you want all-inclusive?
  • Do you like having everything pre-planned or do you like to wing it?
  • Do you need an airline or hotel that provides a specific service?
HOP ON HOP OFF BUS - recommended by Julien

CITY SIGHTSEEING TOURS – recommended by Julien


I do something that online booking systems can’t do. They can ask what, where, how, when and why but they can’t really take it that next step and provide recommendations based on your emotional needs and wants.

Is this you (example 1) You want to stay at that Bali resort because you saw a photo of a girl from work,  lying by the pool sipping cocktails and you want THAT for your holiday.

Is this you? (example 2) You want to travel by river cruise in Europe as your friends did last year and you will never forget how jealous you felt whilst flicking through their photos.

SANUR - Samone's fave place to stay in Bali

SANUR – Samone’s fave place to stay in Bali


A lot of people do like to share their reviews online, amongst 570 million other people to be precise! There are many ways to post reviews online however according to TripAdvisor is leading the way with more than 7.9 million accommodation, restaurants and attractions reviewed (as at 1 Jan 2019).

However, it is also important to note that only 42% of travellers actually use Trip Advisor. And much of the time, these travellers may have had either a very good OR very bad experience, so this feedback can be quite skewed one way or the other.

So, what do the other 58% of travellers do with their feedback? They share with their family, friends and anyone who will listen really! Verbal feedback is so much more real, honest and verified, so I encourage you all to share your travel experiences with your loved ones, friends & colleagues.

VENICE - This is Steve's favourite European city

VENICE – This is Steve’s favourite European city


But most importantly, don’t forget to share your recommendations with your Personal Travel Manager as you are adding so much value to their services! I have over 12 years of your recommendations and feedback stored away in my little brain which I am constantly updating and re-sharing with my clients. So, if you have feedback about your latest trip, please let me know. I ca’t wait to hear from you!

Hotel Miramalfi - The view from the best hotel I have stayed in

AMALFI COAST – The view from the best hotel I have stayed in

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