Pelikin Travel Money

Get your Pelikin Travel Money Card

Pelikin is a fast, simple and rewarding prepaid travel money card that allows you to pay like a local with great exchange rates in 150+ currencies.

  • Free & instant wallet loads and reloads
  • Hold up to 21 currencies, send money instantly and split bills
  • Virtual & Physical Travel Card options
  • Pay with your phone using Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Spend anywhere in the world that accepts Visa – with no hidden fees
  • Earn cash back on eligible overseas card purchases
  • Please be aware that you cannot use your Pelikin card for purchases relating to jewellery or gambling

Sign up for your free travel money card in less than 5 minutes, load money and start using Pelikin, all from your phone.

Here are a few tips about the sign-up process:

Follow the link above to create an account.

Download the app and follow the prompts along the way.

Hint: your user name needs to be one word with no spaces, eg @fredjones

Verify your identity – this is required as a protection against fraud or money laundering

Your account will be activated once your ID has been verified. This step may take up to 24 hours.

You can now set up your virtual card, and order up to 2 physical cards.  Allow up to 2 weeks for your physical card to arrive in the mail.

Hint: go to the “Offers” tab on the bottom left of the screen before you order a physical card.

Start loading funds from your regular bank account, and you are all set!  Funds may clear within minutes, but sometimes the first transfer may take a few business days, so do plan ahead. The bank account that you will be transferring fund from needs to have a matching name (or clearly identifiable as the same person) to the Pelikin account due to money laundering prevention requirements.  The transfer may be delayed or rejected otherwise. Once the first transfer has cleared, future transfers are usually instantaneous.

A way to speed up the first transfer is by using Pay ID rather than the usual transfer option.  All instructions are in the app.

Here’s a great tip…

You can choose to convert (or “swap”) the money you have loaded onto the card into specific currencies to take advantage of a great exchange rate. A frustrating aspect to travel, however, is anticipating how much foreign currency you need as your trip draws to a close. You don’t want to be stuck with odd bits of various currencies. There is a way around this problem! When you run out of that currency towards the end of a trip, you can choose not to top it up. You can keep cash loaded on the card in AUD, and when you use the card to pay for something, it will simply use the current spot rate. That way you won’t have odd bits of other currencies left over.

Get your Pelikin Travel Money Card