Pre-Departure Checklist

Pre-Departure Travel Checklist

If you’re preparing for an upcoming trip, please make sure you’ve ticked everything on this checklist for you and your travelling companions before you go. If there’s anything you aren’t sure about, ask me for assistance.

COVID-19 Testing

A negative COVID-19 test and mandatory quarantine may be required prior to your departure and return. These requirements will vary based on where you are travelling to and from. I can help you to understand these before you leave and help you arrange your pre-departure test.


In the excitement of getting away, travellers often skip checking their documents to make sure everything is as they’re expecting. More importantly, the spelling of your name on your passport must exactly match those on your travel documents, particularly airline tickets. Check your documents to make sure everything is correct, and if you’re unsure of anything, double check with me.


Some countries won’t let you enter unless your passport is valid for six months after you plan to leave. Some airlines also impose this rule on their own initiative. It can apply even if you’re just transiting or stopping over. Ensure that your passport has at least 6 months’ validity from your scheduled return date.

Permits / Visas

Some foreign governments require you to get a visa or entry permit before they let you enter. These rules and regulations are different for each country and the nationality of the passport you are travelling with. Ensure that you understand and have gained the visa and / or entry permit required for the destination(s) you are travelling to / through. If you are unsure about the visas and permits you need and how to get them, ask me for guidance.

Terms & Conditions

When you book your trip through me as your personal travel manager I will provide you will all the relevant terms and conditions, and  will ask you to acknowledge that you have read and understood them. If there is anything you are unsure about relating to the terms and conditions of your upcoming trip, ask me for clarification. You can view the TravelManagers Australia terms and conditions here.

Travel Advice

The Australian Government has removed it’s global “Do not travel” advisory. Fully vaccinated Australians are now permitted to depart Australia without requiring an exemption. It is important that you know the latest travel advice for the destination(s) you are travelling to/through. I can help you to understand the latest travel advice which can be found on the Smartraveller website. I recommend subscribing to Smartraveller for updates on your destination(s) direct to your email.

Travel Declarations

You may be required to complete a travel declaration for the destination(s) you are travelling to/through and also for your return home. These are evolving and may vary by your home state in addition to federal requirements. The Department of Home Affairs’ declaration for international travel can be found here. Ask me for guidance if you are unsure about what declarations are required and where you need to register them.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential to any trip as it covers your medical expenses, valuables, and travel plans should there be a delay or interruption to your schedule. Some insurers currently offer limited coverage for COVID-19. I can help you to select a plan that suits you. Ensure that you understand what your travel insurance covers for the destination(s) you are travelling to/through and that you are covered from the day you leave home until the day you walk back through your front door.


Not only do you need to be double-vaccinated with an approved vaccine to be able to leave Australia without exemption, but many destinations require proof of vaccination in order to pass their borders. To do this you will need an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate which you can apply for through your MyGov account. I can help you to understand the vaccination requirements for the destination(s) you are travelling to/through.

Information is provided as guidance only and accurate at the time of publishing. Always check government websites, terms and conditions, and documentation before booking and travelling.