Travel Management Fee

As with many professions, I operate in a service fee environment.  It is important, however, for you to feel comfortable in booking with me so the initial consultation is free.  The fee applies once you decide to proceed with my services, and is payable prior to me commencing the research process.

The fee offers excellent value, as it covers the management and supervision of your entire booking and is commensurate with my time, expertise, knowledge, and personalised professional service. You don’t have to worry about a thing…except what to pack!

The travel industry has undergone significant changes over the last few years, and most independent agents now charge professional service fees.  Many use a schedule of fees that apply to the various segments or services booked, often on a per person basis.  I operate a little differently, and simply charge the one up-front fixed price Travel Management Fee*.

If you decide not to proceed with your booking and/or your travel arrangements are cancelled for any reason—either voluntary or  involuntary— 100% of the Travel Management Fee is non-refundable.



*Please note that additional third-party fees and credit/debit card merchant fees may apply.

^Capped price is per booking only. “per family” means family living in same household.
This document should be read in conjunction with TravelManagers Australia Terms and Conditions.

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