Our South Pacific Cruise

Our first cruise holiday.
South Pacific Cruise
Royal Caribbean – Explorer of the seas 14 night cruise from Sydney to the South Pacific Islands. April 2017.
Cruising is one of the most amazing holidays. Waking up in a new destination everyday and not having to pack your bags and check out of hotels is one of the greatest feelings! We saw the South Pacific Islands like you have no idea. The food and entertainment on the ship was second to none and the staff were incredible. We chose to have a balcony cabin for fresh air and daylight but everyone has their own thoughts.  IMG_8955
My biggest tips are: get some good sea sick tablets because you never know when you are going to need them, no one tells you everything on the boat moves when you hit a wave, the friends you make are absolutely amazing and that you could almost cry when it’s back at port and you know you have to get off!
Here’s to the next adventure!
Sarah Nunn
Based in Edi Upper, VIC
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