To Ben...

2018 was really my year of travel. I’m so passionate about seeing the world that when it comes to picking a new destination it’s such a challenge. It’s even harder when Ben and I have been to different places that we want to go to the places that the other has been and then we find it tough to make a decision!!!
I’m so lucky that Ben just goes with the flow and any holiday together he just loves to be apart of.
I guess the hardest part about being a travel agent is that your given some amazing opportunities to go to some incredible places and sometimes he can’t come, whether that’s due to work commitments of his or that it’s for work for me and he’s not invited!
Every job for sure has its ups and downs and we don’t often get to share the hard ones with our customers, friends and family because we’re too busy talking about the amazing experiences.
But it’s amazing to know that no matter what your supported by those around you and this is really a shout out to my family who are so supportive of my career, my friends and my loyal customers who keep coming back, but mostly a huge shout out to my partner in crime Ben for being so understanding and supporting my in my career and wanting to see the world with me.
Okay okay, enough of the mushy stuff, next stop Jordan!!!!
Sarah Nunn
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