My top five reasons why you need a Personal Travel Manager next time you travel

My top five reasons why you need a Personal Travel Manager next time you travel

I believe every traveller needs a Personal Travel Manager and here are my top five reasons why:

1. Save you money – with strong relationships with airlines, wholesalers and tour operators this means i get access to competitive rates and exclusive deals. I also know when early bird and special deals are released so you can save even more.

2. I know travel – with 25 years of experience in the travel industry and travelling my whole life really i have a wealth of knowledge gained from my own experiences. These personal experience along with my expertise is not something you could find online making your holiday unique and personalised.

3. Save you time – I know you are busy and doing what you are good at so i take the time to do all the research, planning the flights, hotels, transfers, tours, cruises, comparing deals, seating, special requests and the list goes on and on.

4. I’m here for you- No two trips are ever the same so if something unexpected happens while you are away you know i am just a phone call, text message, email away and available after hours and weekends if an emergency arises to offer you the needed support.

5. Go the extra mile – It’s all the finer detailed aspects of a trip that can really make a holiday go from average to an incredible and a truly memorable experience. I offer my hints, tips and advice so that you have a seamless holiday experience.

I look forward to speaking to you about your next adventure


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