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Alaska Uncovered

Alaska is big, beautiful and a visit here is truly a trip of a lifetime. There are plenty of ways to experience America’s largest state, from luxurious cruise liners and intimate small ships to overland expeditions or the Alaska Marine Highway (the local ferry system).

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Malta, Sardinia and Corsica is on for 2018!

Join me in Malta in September 2018. Malta is the land of my parents. I am excited to share this amazing Island with you! Too often Malta is just a stop on a cruise itinerary. Why Malta? History – from Prehistoric to modern times. Culture – a mix but also very Maltese! Sun and Sea. Amazing scenery. Great place to walk through the back streets – narrow winding streets and many stairs! Cuisine. Lots of Festas in September - decorated streets, festivities highlighting traditional Maltese food and fireworks! I want to show you my heritage! You can then join me in Sardinia and Corsica. You can do just one or all three! Contact me for details.

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Fundraiser Photo Competition

Have fun and make a difference!

It’s on again – my next travel photo competition.
I promised to have a travel photo competition every two years and the next one is coming up, so save the date of 30 October 2018.

Once again, it will be a charity fundraiser so start selecting your favourite photos from your travels. It is your chance to give back.

I promise it will be lots of fun with some great prizes.


When:  Tuesday 30 October 2018
Where: Robin Hood Hotel, 203 Bronte Road, Waverley
Time:    6.30pm – 9.30pm
RSVP:  30 September 2018
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