Service Fees – Valerie Galanou

Travel starts long before you leave home & my job isn’t over until you return home. Whether it’s for a holiday with loved ones, a bucket list adventure, or your next business trip, researching and booking all your arrangements can be time consuming and overwhelming. Leave that to me, your personal travel manager.

What is a Travel Management fee?

A Booking Management Fee covers ongoing management and supervision of your entire travel arrangements, from consultation, research & booking progression, collation electronic delivery of travel documents and ongoing support whilst you are travelling as required.  The fee is commensurate with my time, expertise, knowledge, and personalised professional service.  The initial portion of $100 is payable at the time of our initial consultation and allows me to create a 2-hour block in my calendar to begin my research & planning. The balance is paid at the time of booking, or, if further time is required to finalise your itinerary without a booking in place.

If you decide not to proceed with your booking and/or travel arrangements are cancelled for any reason, this payment/fee is non-refundable.

Service Fees – Valerie Galanou

Service fees are in addition to those charged by airlines and suppliers.  All necessary airline and supplier charges will be advised at the time of booking.

Additional fees will also apply to services booked where supplier does not pay travel agent commissions.  These services can include, but are not limited to, trains, tours, theatre tickets, experiences.  Any fees will be advised prior to booking and noted in any quotes.

Booking fees charged are non-refundable, and commission paid by third party suppliers will also be retained and not refunded as fair remuneration of the work done in organising your travel arrangements.

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