Where to celebrate Schoolies, so many choices

Every year a massive talking point for school students in the lead up to finishing school is what they are going to do for schoolies. Gold Coast has been the iconic location for schoolies for decades, but as we become more global and social conscious, many are choosing alternate options.

Not all school leavers want to go to a location, get wasted and not remember anything. A lot of parents are also suggesting different options for their kids, as they prefer their children avoid the Gold Coast. To add to the mix many schoolies are now 18 when they graduate, so many will be allowed to enter licensed premises.

A different Australian location

We are starting to see other areas become alternate schoolies meccas due to the 18 year old graduates, as they are not reliant on government provided Schoolies Hub as they can legally drink. Schoolies are starting to go to places like Noosa, Byron Bay , Airlie Beach, Terrigal and Phillip Island.  They still follow the beach theme and are located in Australia. There may not be as large a number of schoolies in each of these locations, but certainly enough to make a mark on the area. As they do not have the supervised Schoolies events, a lot of parents aren’t overly happy allowing their underage children to attend these locations.

Overseas Island destinations

In the last few years we are starting to see an increase in the number of schoolies heading to island destinations like Fiji, Vanuatu and Bali.

Fiji has some islands which have some become alternate schoolies destinations with dedicated travel dates. They have schoolies dedicated events each night as well as the Red Frog Support Team on duty to lend a hand if required. Many see this a safe alternate schoolies option as toolies can’t get on the island. Certainly peace of mind for schoolies parents.

Both Vanuatu and Bali do have schoolies only events but these are commercial arrangements only accessed via packages.

Volunteer Abroad

As many of the younger generations are becoming more socially aware a lot are looking at turning their end of school celebrations into something more. They are looking at options where they can help out a community that is not as fortunate as theirs. They are able to go with other like minded schoolies and volunteer overseas with a structured itinerary incorporating service and helping out where it is needed.

Girls only Disneyland

There are not many girls on the planet who have not had an interest in Disney throughout their lives. They now have the opportunity to celebrate the end of school with a trip to the original happiest place on earth, Disneyland Resort California. This is the perfect destination for Disney lovers.

Bucket list location

What better way to celebrate 13 years of school than going on a bucket list adventure with one of your parents. Travelling with a parent may be a completely different way to celebrate schoolies. But when you think about it generally your parents are the ones who have supported you through the highs and lows of schooling so why not celebrate the occasion together. Maybe a trip to Iconic Antarctica, an African Safari, mountain trek (Everest Base Camp or Inca Trail) to name a few. This would be an amazing way to mark this momentous occasion.

There are some many ways you can celebrate, the hardest part is to decide if you go traditional or if you break the mold and be an individual.  It’s all up to you. Where would you go?

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