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My personal travel experiences are unique, exciting and something that you cannot get from a book or the internet. Travel has been in my blood since my very first school excursion to Tasmania in Year 9 and from that time onwards, I knew that travel would play a big part in my career & my life. Having worked in travel for 30 years and visited all continents on this planet, my personal experience allows me to create amazing itineraries and adventures for my clients. I have no bias as to the destination, the style of holiday or the cost when planning & creating holidays.

Where I've Travelled

I love travel photography, people & animals and many of my most amazing travel experiences have involved these things. The Masai tribes & animals of East Africa, the monks of Tibet, the colonies of penguins in Antarctica, the sights & sounds of India and of course, the world’s greatest bike race, the Tour de France

MY TRAVEL EXPERIENCES I have travelled the world extensively by plane, train & boat- from overland camping in Africa, to 5 star beach stays in SE Asia, Tahiti, Fiji & Maldives. My specialist areas are Africa, Antarctica and Cycling Holidays, especially the Tour de France, where I escorted groups each year to follow the tour. I particularly love France & Italy and enjoy immensely the opportunity to soak up the sights & sounds of India and Tibet. Places like Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Argentina & Morocco offer some of the best experiences you’ll ever have when travelling the world

Services I Provide

I deliver to my clients the professional service that I expect myself when I’m buying something. I trained as a business travel / corporate consultant and to this day provide second to none service to small & growing companies looking for the human touch and a personality when booking and planning their business travel

Be inspired, discover fascinating destinations and read our top travel tips

Be inspired, discover fascinating destinations and read our top travel tips
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David Hull
Based in Mount Martha, VIC
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